In fact, he proposes changing the name of the Florida Education Finance Program to the Education Choice Fund. He recommends expanding the Opportunity Scholarship Program to create additional public school choices, expanding access to high-performing charter schools, and ensuring that students have access to multiple virtual education courses and programs. #

THE EDUCATION CHOICE FUND, provides a uniform, efficient, safe, secure, and high quality system of free public schools that offer elementary and secondary educational choice options to Florida’s children. #

Jon East, communications director for Step Up for Students, tells The Florida Independent that the name change from Florida Education Finance Program to Education Choice Fund is a change in verbiage for that category of funding: “The fact that it says ‘school choice’ may be a little misleading.” #

Education funding may be the most controversial element of the Governor’s budget proposal. Three-quarters—or $3.3 billion—of the total $4.4 billion in net spending reductions proposed by the Governor are attributable to Education. #


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