Gov. Rick Scott has asked for more time to defend himself against a challenge to an executive order he signed when he took office.

Executive Order 11-01 froze rulemaking by state agencies. Rosalie Wiley, a blind woman seeking to reapply for food stamps, filed a petition challenging the freeze last month. Audubon of Florida has joined the case, arguing the freeze has hampered Everglades restoration, as has Disability Rights Florida, which argues the order has delayed services for the disabled. They argue Scott has exceeded his constitutional authority.

After the case began, Scott signed another order maintaining the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform, which was created by the earlier order and is tasked with reviewing and approving rules made by state agencies. The petitioners contend that the office creates a new layer of bureaucracy that claims authority that is delegated to state agencies by the legislature, over which the governor does not have any direct control.

Scott had until April 25 to respond, but a motion filed Thursday asks for a one-week extension because the legislature is in session, β€œwhich is an abnormally busy time of year for the Governor and the Office of the Governor.” According to the motion, the petitioner and her lawyers don’t oppose the extension.

The files from the case can be found here.

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