Gov.-elect Rick Scott has reportedly asked most of Gov. Charlie Crist’s administration to rescind their resignations and continue working for up to three months, according to the St. Petersburg Times.

The Times reports that Scott has yet to hire anyone to his own staff. His move is also raising eyebrows because, while on the campaign trail, Scott repeatedly criticized Crist as well as his administration.

Initially, Scott’s transition team had asked for resignations from the top 10 people in each agency, amounting to hundreds of resignations.

In an email, Tom Pelham, Crist’s secretary of the Department of Community Affairs, wrote that he “submitted my resignation to Governor Crist on Nov. 8, before Scot’s transition team, through Crist’s staff,  ever asked for resignations to be submitted. I would not have worked for Scott a single day, even if I had been asked to stay.”

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