Rick Scott (Pic via rickscottforflorida.com)

A 527 group affiliated with Republican candidate for Florida governor Rick Scott has earned an impressive $308,000 in four days of contributions. The largest contributors came from health and business groups.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, the largest health insurer in the state, donated another $50,000, bringing its total to $150,000. The Florida Chamber of Commerce — which endorsed Scott for the general election on Sept. 16 after earlier endorsing his primary opponent, Bill McCollum — donated $50,000. An affiliated PAC, Florida Jobs, also donated $50,000.

On issues of health insurance and business, Scott generally opposes regulation of either industry. Scott opposes the new health care reform law. On his website, he says, “Rick believes that our health care system should focus on choice, competition, accountability, and personal responsibility.” On business, he says, “Rick will create jobs by keeping taxes low and limiting job-killing regulations.”

Let’s Get to Work has not had any media buys since Aug. 31, instead of spending its money on consultants, attorneys, phone calls, and signs.

Luke Johnson reports on Florida for The American Independent.

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