Gone are the days of marijuana being taboo. Marijuana is currently legal in 11 states, and since it’s legalization, the marijuana industry has seen a major increase. Experts believe that the legal marijuana industry is estimated to be worth $73.6 billion by 2027.

Now is the perfect time to start your own marijuana business. Not sure how to grow marijuana and get a high yield? Start with schwazzing.

Schwazzing your marijuana plants will results in stronger and larger plants without using more energy.

Keep reading to learn more about schwazzing

What is Schwazzing?

Schwazzing refers to the type of defoliation of cannabis leaves. This is when 100 percent of the fan leaves are removed from the plant during a specific time.

When you remove the leaves from the plant, it results in a stronger and larger plant. How? Removing the leaves from the plant allows for more airflow, light penetration, and flower development. Also, schwazzing eliminates the risk of mildew growth and pests.

You’re probably thinking: isn’t defoliation the same as schwazzing? Although both methods are similar, schwazzing is a more extreme form of defoliation. Defoliation trims excess leaves from the plant while schwazzing removes all of the leaves.

What Are the Benefits of Schwazzing?

One of the reasons cannabis growers prefer schwazzing is because it drastically increases the yield. The standard yield without schwazzing is 1 ½ to 2 pounds per light bulb. With schwazzing, cannabis growers see 3 to 4 pounds per light.

Another benefit of schwazzing is that it saves money. It allows you to grow more cannabis from a smaller area. This means you will save money on energy because you won’t need a large space.

When Should You Schwazz?

Schwazzing should be carried out twice in the plant’s lifetime: once during the flowering stage and again three weeks after.

These periods of crucial to the survival of the plant because if schwazzing is carried out too early or too late, the overall growth of the plant will be affected. After schwazzing, the plant is able to receive more nutrients to grow larger.

How Can You Schwazz Your Cannabis Plants?

Now that you know the basics of schwazzing and what it can do for your cannabis plants, let’s go over how you can get started with schwazzing.

First, you will need a pair of gardening scissors. Many growers get nervous when it’s time trim or defoil cannabis leaves. However, the process is simple. All you need to do is cut off all of the leaves.

Three weeks after you carry out schwazzing, new fan leaves will have grown back. This is a good time to start trimming away those fan leaves. At this point during the growth cycle, the plant won’t be making any more leaves, so do not trim the leaves bare.

Are You Ready to Schwazz?

Schwazzing can transform your marijuana leaves and gives you a better yield. Larger yield means better profits. For more tips on growing cannabis, follow this blog!

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