“Hi, my name is…” is what most name tags have on top of them. Employees or participants are to write their name below, or a company will have them made for them.

While some people may believe that employee name badges are outdated, and maybe even a little corny, there are good reasons to use them. In fact, some professionals even say they’re essential in certain businesses.

In this article, we’ll go over why employee name tags are so important, and why you should incorporate them into your business today.

Employee Name Badges Boost Accountability

Having employees wear name badges boosts accountability for your staff. If employees think that customers don’t know who they are, they may become lazy or underperform thinking they can get away with it. Or, they may even give lackluster customer service.

While employee name tags don’t prevent all of these issues from occurring, they can ensure that your employees who care about their work try their best.

If your staff knows that customers can call them out by name if they give a subpar performance, this might motivate them to give a much better one.

They Can Become Part of Your Brand

If you walk into Disney World or any of its accompanying stores, you’ll expect to see all employees and staff members wear name tags. Whether they are plastic or sewn on as patches (check it out as an option for your business), it gives the customer the feeling that they’re amongst friends.

Businesses who are aiming to be family friendly, or at least have a friendly atmosphere, should promote the use of employee name tags. This can make customers or guests feel welcome immediately.

They Help Provide Personalized Service

Have you ever been to a hotel or a restaurant and had someone tell you to specifically ask for them? Maybe they had an extra perk they could give you, something in common or a special recommendation for you.

If you have employee name badges, it makes it more likely that guests and customers will remember the person they’re meant to speak to. It can also make it easier to recall your staff member if they need to speak to them, allowing for a more personalized experience.

Providing a special experience by making your customer or guest feel at home is one of the top perks of an employee name badge.

You Can Catch Your Staff Doing Something Right

While customers are more likely to complain about someone by name if they had a bad experience, they’re also more likely to catch your staff doing something right and pass it on to you if your staff is wearing a name badge.

If, for instance, a staff member went above and beyond for that person or family and they want to let you know, having the staff member wear a name badge and disclose their name makes it all the easier to do so.

Instead of saying, “The tall guy with the bangs and glasses” and having your staff play an impromptu game of “Guess Who?” you’ll know immediately who they mean.

This way, you can keep track of high performers, high earners and who is meeting your customers’ demands.

They Allow For Ease of Follow Up For the Customer

Have you ever walked into a store after talking to an employee on the phone thinking they carry a certain item or provide a certain service and the staff looks bewildered?

They may ask you, “Who did you talk to?”

While you can’t see a name badge over the phone, if the employee told you her name was Carrie, you’re more likely to spot her in the store.

Additionally, if someone offers your customer special service and the customer returns, they’re likely to remember who the employee was via the name tag.

Boosts Ease of Communication

Have you ever started at a job and been introduced to someone but couldn’t remember their name? After a certain point, you can’t ask them anymore, otherwise, you’re worried they’ll find it insulting. And it’s awkward. You can usually only be saved if they ask you to clarify your name.

If not, you may live in “I have no idea what this person’s name is” purgatory until another employee bails you out.

But, if all of your employees wear name tags, they’ll know one another immediately.

Instead of an employee making a mistake and saying, “Well, the woman with the red hair and a freckle on her nose told me this is the procedure,” they can tell you their name.

It also means that employees are more likely to speak to each other, even when things are in the early days. If a new employee needs help with something, instead of just saying, “Hey!” and hoping someone will rescue them, if everyone is wearing a name tag, they can ask for help from someone by name.

How Important Are Employee Name Badges?

Employee name badges are of paramount importance, especially if you’re in a line of work like retail or the restaurant industry where there is constant customer contact. Not only does it improve accountability amongst your staff, but it also makes your staff able to recognize one another more easily.

If you work in a place where employee name badges might be a little bit awkward, like say, an office, consider having desk plates for each person. That way, you’ll benefit from employees and guests in the office knowing everyone’s name without the potential awkwardness of wearing a name tag with just a few people around.

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