On the hunt for cheap cottages to rent for a lakeside getaway in the United Kingdom?

We can help! Even if you’ve never opted to vacation this way before, finding the right lake cottage and renting a vacation home for your next trip may provide an experience more enjoyable than you ever imagined possible.

Below, we’ll explain some of the perks of renting a vacation home, tips for finding cheap cottages to rent, and help you know what to look forward to if you’ve decided to opt for a stay in a lake cottage.

Read on to learn more!

Perks of Renting a Vacation Home

Choosing the right vacation home can seem like a hassle. There’s so much to think about.

But once you find the right one, you’ll see why so many people opt to rent vacation homes instead of stay in a hotel.

Save Money and Feel Like Home

The perks are endless: You can save money by cooking at home.

You can host gatherings of family and friends in a more communal space.

You can come and go as you please and have more freedom, privacy, and autonomy than you would in a hotel.

Plus, you can access spots that are usually only open to locals and residents. By truly staying where locals live, you immerse yourself in the local culture and have an all-around relaxing vacation experience.

Hotels tend to be located in more urban areas away from where people are truly living.

By finding cheap cottages to rent, you can enjoy your vacation as if you live there.

Amazing Amenities

Best of all, your lake cottage may come with amenities like a boat, kayaks, or canoes.

Maybe you have a dock as part of the house that’s perfect for sitting out and enjoying the sunset.

Renting a vacation home rather than going the usual route will provide you with a new, refreshing experience that is easy and effortless.

No need to worry about hotel breakfast bar times or late check-in fees. With a lake cottage, you’re at home and you can create your own amenities.

How to Find Cheap Cottages to Rent

Finding cheap cottages to rent is no simple task. It takes a lot of searching and browsing to find the right options that might work for you.

Still, doing your due diligence is an important part of finding the right options for a vacation rental.

Use the right keywords. If you’re looking for Lake District self-catering holidays, perform your searches accordingly.

Most online platforms will allow you to use specific search terms and filters so that you can easily find cheap cottages to rent.

When you’re on a rental site, you should be able to filter down your results by limiting the price range, location, and maybe even narrowing down the options by amenities.

For example, some cheap cottages to rent might be located lakeside, while others might require a short walk. Or, some cottages might offer outdoor grilling options and a dock, while others don’t even offer a laundry facility inside the home.

These are things you need to know before booking.

Put together a list of all the things your dream cottage rental would have, and then search with the hope that you’ll be able to find a good option in your price range.

Staying in a Lake Cottage

If you’ve never stayed in a lake cottage before, you may not know what to expect.

That’s okay! You’re sure to enjoy your time so much that you never want to vacation any other way ever again!

Read on for some things to consider when looking for cheap cottages to rent.

Pick the Right Location

There are many different regions all over the world that offer beautiful lakeside stays.

One of the best ways to find great deals is to head to less popular destinations. Choose places that are not sought after by the main tourist market and you’ll likely be able to score a great deal in an up-and-coming area.


If you plan to bring a pet, you need to clear this with the cottage owner ahead of time. Some cheap cottages to rent may be completely pet-friendly, while others have a strict no-pet policy.

Some may have a limit to the number or type of pets you can bring — may be up to three dogs are allowed, or just one, or maybe the owners strictly forbid birds.

Either way, you’ll want to know their policy beforehand.

For example, maybe people in your family are highly allergic to cat or dog dander. If this is the case, you’ll want to check whether the cottage is pet-friendly ahead of time so you can avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Lake Life

Ever stayed on a lake before? Do you know what critters to expect? Do you know that it gets humid in the summertime or frosty in the wintertime?

When you head out to your destination after finding cheap cottages to rent, you should do some research on the area to find any interesting facts about the weather, seasons, culture, and other factors.

On any great trip, you want to be prepared. You want to know what to expect and have with you whatever it is you need to bring.

Bug spray? Pool floats? Mosquito netting? If you need any of this, you don’t want to wait until you get there to figure it out. Ask questions to the owner about the rental and ask for insight or tips to help you with your stay.

For example, are you going to plan to cook at the lake cottage? Then you’ll want to know where the closest grocery store is.

If the nearest one is located near the airport — over an hour away from the cottage itself — then you’re going to want to be aware of this before you arrive so that you can organize your trip accordingly.

Things to Do

You’re also going to want to be aware of things to do in the area.

Are there any natural attractions or hikes to explore? What are the local hot spots? Where are the best restaurants?

Plan out your vacation agenda with some of the things you want to do on your trip.

Check out our articles on travel and entertainment for more vacation planning inspiration.

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