“Save America.” That’s the stated goal of a right-wing convention starring Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano and former presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., that kicks off in a Tampa hotel this Friday.

We first covered the Save America Convention and the 501(c)(4) behind the event, the Save America Foundation, back in January, but since our first story, the event has picked up a handful of new sponsors, among them the Constitution Party, One Nation Under God U.S.A.The John Birch Society and Personhood Florida.

One Nation Under God U.S.A. instructs its supporters to “PRAY!” before they vote, declaring that “America’s Liberties and Freedoms will be restored, strengthened, and preserved; or will be eroded, neglected, and abolished; in direct proportion to our willingness to heed and obey God’s word, and our desire to accept Jesus Christ as the Sovereign King of America!”

The John Birch Society, founded in 1958, was an ardent foe of civil-rights legislation but has found renewed acceptance in conservative circles as of late. The group was one of the sponsors of the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference, the country’s largest and most influential gathering of movement conservatism.

Personhood Florida, meanwhile, is the organization behind a push to place a constitutional amendment on Florida’s 2012 ballot that would grant fetuses the rights of people — outlawing abortion and some forms of birth control. The group’s leader, Pastor Bryan Longworth, has said many “fetal personhood” opponents ”have participated in an abortion” and “have to come to grips with the fact that they participated in taking their own child’s life.” Those statements outraged even Longworth’s fellow anti-abortion activists.

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