When visiting a cannabis dispensary for the first time, researching beforehand makes your shopping experience more productive. For example, pre-ordering can help you save time since dispensaries have capacity limits. You also need to double-check your IDs and bring cash with you.

Doing your homework will also help you finish your shopping fast. Let’s say you want to know more about Sativa vs. hybrid strains. By learning about them in advance, you don’t have to ask budtenders in-depth questions (although most of them are pretty helpful) or risk incurring the ire of other shoppers because you’re holding up the line.

Now, let’s dig into the information out there on cannabis strains so you know how to choose the right one for your needs.

First Things First: What Is Sativa?

What Is Sativa

The two main types of cannabis are Sativa and Indica. Hybrid refers to strains created by crossing the two. The term also refers to strains formed from different chemovars (chemical varieties).

Now, going back to Sativa strains, their effects tend to be more refreshing and energizing. Meanwhile, Indicas produce the opposite results. That’s why if you want cannabis that can help relax and calm you, pure Sativa weed isn’t your best option.

Sativa strains thrive in hot, dry climates. Compared to other cannabis types, they may take longer to mature. They also have higher THC and lower CBD content.

More on Indica vs. Sativa vs. Hybrid Strains

CBD Strains

Sativa plants grow tall, and Indicas are on the shorter, broader side. Indica also produces more buds and has more CBD content.

Though that doesn’t mean they have less THC. It all depends on the particular strain. Strainsanity has detailed guides on specific cannabis strains if you want to know more.

As for usage, you’ll want to limit the use of Indica strains in the morning since they can be deeply relaxing. Hybrids, which are grown on farms or in greenhouses, can be Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant. A hybrid strain is usually ideal for those who don’t like overly stimulating or relaxing cannabis varieties.

Some Tips for Choosing the Cannabis Strains

Some Tips for Choosing the Cannabis Strains

Even if you plan to try different strains to see what you like best, be sure to consider your medical history. If you have pre-existing conditions, consult your doctor first.

And remember to go slow. There’s no need to try the most potent strains to test your tolerance. Especially if you’re a first-timer, it’s better to go for entry-level varieties.

Last but not least, consider learning about different consumption methods. For example, smoking may not be ideal for people with respiratory problems. Be sure to include in your research what the expected effects are for vaping, gummies, tinctures, and so on.

Be an Informed Consumer

Now that you know more about cannabis strains, Indica vs. Sativa vs. hybrid in particular, do you plan to visit a dispensary soon? Then head there with the confidence of knowledge.

If you still need more information on specific cannabis strains, start your research on our website. We have so many cannabis-related articles that you’ll be sure to find the information that you need.

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