In an item posted on the blog of Sarasota Power, a coalition of citizens urging Sarasota to aggressively pursue a renewable energy future, one writer lays out the “top 10 reasons” the City Commission should not vote to accept the 30-year FPL franchise agreement it will consider Monday evening.

The post — written by Don Hall of Transition Sarasota, a group that aims to be “a catalyst for rebuilding local community resilience and self-reliance in the face of peak oil, climate change, and economic crisis” — lists the positive outcomes should the commission reject the agreement. According to Hall, voting no would:

  • Eliminate FPL’s hidden tax on residents, money it passes on to the city in exchange for a guarantee that it alone will provide power to the city.
  • “Create a more equitable tax structure,” because FPL’s flat tax affects low-income residents disproportionately.
  • Give Sarasota the “independence” to dictate its own energy future.
  • “Spur innovation by increasing competition.”
  • Show the commission is not acting out of “fear.”
  • Help keep wealth circulating within Sarasota, instead of leaving the community.
  • Eventually, this leads to greater revenue for the city.
  • Allow the city to become as green as it wants.
  • “Help the city meet its sustainability goals.”
  • Prevent the city from being locked into an energy arrangement that will endure till 2040.

Hall fleshes out each point, and it’s well worth a read for anyone who’s been tracking the Sarasota-FPL negotiations.

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