A short update on a story we’ve tracked for a few months now: The City of Sarasota and utility giant Florida Power & Light remain locked in extended negotiations over the possible renewal of their current 30-year franchise agreement, which gives FPL the exclusive right to provide power to city residents in exchange for a percentage of those residents’ monthly bills.

On Sept. 28, Sarasota Power — a coalition of Sarasotans urging the city to aggressively pursue greater renewable energy options — posted the latest documents in the negotiations: one the contested franchise agreement that shows both sides’ comments, the other a “Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Energy Sustainability Agreement” that would function as an adjunct to the main franchise contract. Read or download both after the jump.

City Public Information Officer Jan Thornburg says the negotiations should next be addressed in public at a November City Commission meeting. We’ll have more on the status of the evolving negotiations then.

The franchise proposal:

Sarasota-FPL Franchise Proposal

The renewable energy agreement:

Sarasota-FPL Renewable Energy Agreement

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