One of the biggest challenges businesses face today is keeping up with customer demands. Customers can place an order on their smartphone.

They’re also on the go and expect you to deliver it quickly. Do you know where your business stands on customer service?

The correct business management software can help you prevent customer service disasters. Businesses use Salesforce vs NetSuite to identify performance and deliver customer service.

business management software

Which should you choose and why? Please keep reading to learn more about these two programs and their use.

User Interface and Usability

The user interface (UI) is the gateway through which people interact with a software application. A well-designed UI is essential to the success of any software application because it can make the difference between a user feeling like they can intuitively navigate the application or feeling frustrated and hitting roadblocks at every turn.

Regarding UI and usability, there are some apparent differences between Salesforce and NetSuite. Salesforce’s UI is generally more user-friendly and intuitive than NetSuite’s. This is mainly because Salesforce’s UI is based on a point-and-click interface, while NetSuite’s UI is based on keyboard input.

The bottom line is that, regarding UI and usability, Salesforce has the edge over NetSuite. If you’re looking for an application that is easy to use and navigate, Salesforce is the way to go.


Regarding functionality, Salesforce tends to be more intuitive and user-friendly. On the other hand, NetSuite is more complex and geared toward businesses with more complex needs.

Salesforce also offers a lot more features and integrations than NetSuite. So, if you’re looking for a CRM with more bells and whistles, Salesforce is probably the better option. However, if you need a CRM that’s more customizable and can be tailor-fit to your business, NetSuite might be a better choice.


When it comes to customization, both Salesforce and NetSuite offer a lot of options. However, Salesforce tends to be more expensive and is geared toward larger businesses.

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What is NetSuite? NetSuite, on the other hand, is less expensive and is a better fit for small to medium-sized businesses. Both platforms offer various features and options, so it comes down to your specific needs.

If you want to fully understand NetSuite, it is essential to request for NetSuite ERP Trial so that you’ll know what to expect and you can have a comprehensive NetSuite guide.


When it comes to pricing, Salesforce is typically more expensive than NetSuite. However, Salesforce offers a more comprehensive suite of features and integrations than NetSuite. So, if you need a CRM platform with robust features and integrations, Salesforce may be your better option.

The Cloud

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. NetSuite is also a cloud-based solution but offers more flexibility than Salesforce, as it can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


So, which CRM software is right for you? It depends on your specific business needs.

Understanding Differences Between Salesforce vs Netsuite

Salesforce vs NetSuite are both CRM (customer relationship management) software. They are great for managing customer data but have different features. If you are looking for CRM software, you should decide what features are most important to you and your business.

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