If you have run out of hot water, you effectively are able to repair or replace your water heater. You need to check the elements of heating and control in order to conduct successful repairs. The water heaters that are made of 120, 208 or 240 volts are simple to repair over the latest microprocessor ones that are available in the market today. However, when you are repairing a water heater make sure that you follow safety tips. In case the issue is complicated, you should always rely on professional companies that are experienced and skilled in water heater repair services in order to get the best results.

Safety tips for you to follow when you are repairing an electric heater

Check the panel first to make sure the circuit breaker is switched on and not tripped on or off. Make sure that the panel does not fuse when the heater is in use. You should reset the circuit breaker to it’s own mode and replace a fuse that has blown. Wait for around 30 to 40 minutes for the water to get warm. In case the water in the heater is still cold, you should proceed to the next set of troubleshooting steps below.

Shutting off the power

The following step is to shut off the power. Most electric water heaters have high voltage power that can result in shocks. If you are not careful, these shocks are fatal, and they will result in death. You should shut down the power of the electric water heater in case a shock takes place due to an energized conductor coming into contact with the human body. The switch of the heater must be set to the off position, and all fuses should be removed. Once you have done this, write a note on the panel as well as the place of work so that everyone is aware of the fact that work is in progress on the water heater. This tops the accidental energizing of the panel while you are working on the water heater repair.

Remove the screws of the water heater carefully

You should remove the lower and the upper access panels of the water heater. The metal covers of the water heater generally are held in place with these screws. Remove these screws and keep them in a safe place for use later. You should take a test light or a voltmeter to check the wire terminals. Make sure the power of the water heater is still off. In case, the power is on, locate the fuse or circuit to ensure that the power is switched off. Make sure you lock the circuit or remove the fuse so that no one comes in and accidentally switches the power on of the heater.

Professional water heater repair experts say you should always clear the access to insulation and check the controls of the water heater. Once you have removed the thermal insulation, you will be able to see the plastic shock protectors. You should fold wires carefully away from this protective cover. Make sure that you lift the cover and remove it from the terminals of access. Inspect the water heater only after removing the plastic cover.

Inspect the damage

Once you have removed the covers, the next step is to check the signs of damage. Water heaters leak primarily because of failing tanks. Some pipes may have been fitted poorly or have a poor seal. There can be signs of internal damage done to the water controls. You should also check the water heater for signs of rust that can be detected on both the inside or the outside of the body.

When you are repairing a water heater, keep in mind the fact that rust is conductive even when it is on the wiring insulation. This can be the cause of deadly shocks if you are not careful. The insulation can also cause burns. If you see soot and black carbon on the wire, this means that there has been a short circuit. The chances are high that you will not be able to see the copper wire as the carbon deposits are quite high. There is a high possibility that the wires have been damaged and this point of the damage done has become a heat source. If you are not careful, these paths can be deadly and very dangerous.

The need for experts

In case you check the water, heater and find acute damage done to its parts, it is time for you to consult professional experts. These experts will step in and conduct the repairs for you. They say that if you find acute signs of damage on your water heater, you should not attempt the repairs on your own. It is prudent and wise for you to contact professional companies that have skills and experience in water heating services.

Always bank on water heating repair experts that are credible and licensed in the region. These professionals will be trained in the latest technologies and have modern equipment for resolving issues.

Look for skilled and experienced professionals for complicated issues

Experts in the field say when you are looking for skilled and experienced companies for your water heater repairing needs, do not choose companies that give you cheap rates. You might have to compromise on the service quality. Go in for companies that provide you with competitive rates and fair prices. You will find several companies give you emergency water heater repair services as well. During an emergency, you might have to pay more than the regular services that are given to you.

Therefore, when it comes to the repair of your water heater, keep the above tips in mind. Do not attempt to repair the water heater on your own without knowledge of how electrical appliances work. It is always prudent for you to call in skilled experts that have the training and resources to fix issues fast and ensure your water heater is back to normal in no time!

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