About 30% of patients avoid filling out their prescription medications on time. Why? Namely, they’re too expensive!

Another 15% of patients try to make their medications last by cutting their pills in half. Meanwhile, about 16% take their meds less often than prescribed.

Unfortunately, these shortcuts can impact the efficiency of your medications. You could even risk your health trying to save a few bucks.

Are you having a difficult time learning how to save money prescriptions? With these tips, you can beat Rx prices by ordering your prescriptions online. Instead of taking a risk, you can make a smarter move for your wallet and overall health.

Become a savvy spender with these four tips.

1. Speak With Your Doctor

First, schedule a meeting with your doctor. Let them know you’re trying to learn how to save money on prescriptions. They might have a few tips you can use.

Otherwise, trying to take shortcuts without their medical advice could have a negative impact on your health.

Ask your doctor if you can make changes to your medication plan with your budget in mind. They might suggest medications that can accomplish more than one goal. That way, you can minimize how many medications you need to buy.

Before heading to the pharmacy, research your prescriptions. Americans spend about $1,200 on medications every year. Instead of rushing to spend, check your phone.

There are apps you can use to compare Rx prices online.

Try to finish your comparison shopping while at your doctor’s office. That way, you can ask them questions about the medications you’re considering. Otherwise, a new medication could interact with the prescriptions you’re already using.

Then, you can buy medications online and start saving.

2. Ask for Samples

The next time your doctor writes a new prescription, ask if they have any samples available. Doctors often have FDA-approved medications on-hand that they receive from pharmaceutical reps.

Even a few days-worth of samples can save you money.

It’s also important to test medications to determine they won’t cause a dangerous interaction. Otherwise, you’ll spend money on expensive Rx prices on a medication you can’t use.

3. Switch to Generic

During your next doctor’s appointment, ask if you can switch to a generic brand. Generic brands offer some of the best Rx prices.

However, your doctor might have a reason they don’t want you to use the generic brand. Make sure to ask first.

4. Buy in Bulk

You can also save money on prescriptions by buying in bulk. See if you can purchase a 90-day supply of what you need. This tip is ideal if you plan on taking the same medications for a long time.

Buying in bulk will allow you to cut the cost-per-pill. You can also save gas money by visiting the pharmacy less often.

Save Money on Scripts: 4 Tips for Beating Rx Prices

Eager to save money on prescriptions? Give these four tips for beating Rx prices a try. Don’t forget to consult your doctor before making any major changes.

Looking for more ways to improve your health? We’re here to help! Explore the Health and Fitness section of the blog today for more helpful tips.

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