In a world where no one can seem to agree on anything, there’s still one undisputed fact: having to exercise sucks. But also, people tend to agree that dogs don’t suck. There’s an obvious answer to the problem of exercise sucking, then. Go running with your dog.

Everyone knows that owning a pet has been proven to help you live longer. And everyone knows that exercise helps you live longer as well. So combine those two together, and you’re basically going to live forever.

Why Should You Go Running with Your Dog?

The key word here is motivation. When you go running with your dog, it’s like having an adorable running partner who you never have to call on the phone or who never cancels on you because they’re too lazy and overslept.

This is also a great time for you to bond with your canine friend. While you’re keeping them active, you’re bonding with them by spending time with them. Your dog will be delighted that you’re giving them a workout after you were gone all day at the office, and you’ll be happy to get moving, after all, that time at work.

Studies also show that people who go running and people who exercise with their dogs are more likely to keep consistent with their routine in the long term. If you’ve been struggling to keep a constant workout in your calendar, your dog just might be the answer.

It’s also no secret that dogs provide us with emotional support. But when you go running with your dog, you’re actually helping reduce their stress and anxiety, too. Exercise is not only helping you and your furry friend be more physically healthy, but it’s helping you both mentally, too.

You’re not going to be the only one out there on the trail. When you bring your dog along, you’re bound to run into others out there who had the same idea as you. Both you and your dogs can make friends along the way as you go running.

Got a naughty puppy? It’s important not to start your dog running too early, but if you have a dog that likes to dig in the backyard or chew on things he shouldn’t be chewing on, running is a great outlet to get rid of that excess energy so your pup won’t participate in negative behaviors.

Ultimately, running with your dog is an overall rewarding experience because you’re boosting your health, your dog’s health, and getting on your feet. You get to explore your neighborhood and parks with man’s best friend.

Steps Before You Start

Unless you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s not likely that you’re going to get up and be an expert in running with your dog right this minute. Working yourself up to a level you and your dog are comfortable with is necessary to make sure you’re happy and safe during exercise.

Before you begin, take note of the weather. If it’s excessively hot outside, skip your run. You may think that you and your pup can brave the heat, but consider the pads of your dog’s feet.

The hot ground can burn up your pet’s pads, and they have no way of letting you know.

Start off slow. If you’ve never been running before, research a training plan. There are a lot of beginner 5k plans out there that anyone can do.

Chances are that if you’ve never been running, your dog has never been running before either.

For the both of you, it’s best that you build up to a steady pace before jumping right in and over-exerting yourself. Just like with you, running too much too soon can increase your dog’s risk of injury.

It’s always a safe bet to give your dog a visit to the vet. Your vet can tell you if they’re safe to run, and give any advice to you that might be specific to your pup. Some breeds aren’t meant to run: think, pugs! Some dogs might be more suited to walks than others.

Things to Bring Along

You need water breaks, and your dog does too. But your dog can’t exactly tell you when they’re thirsty. It’s recommended that you stop every ten minutes to give your dog some water. You’ll start to learn and to get used to the amount of water that your dog needs.

Carry a container with you that your dog can drink from, like a collapsible container or a water bottle specifically designed for dogs. Oh – and don’t forget the water for you, too, of course.

It seems obvious, but we’ve all seen the aftermath of unconscientious owners who didn’t have a poop plan. So, have a poop plan. Bring a bag with you to clean up after your dog.

The most important thing of all is to make sure you’re having fun and to make sure your dog is having fun. One easy way to do that it to bring along a treat for your fur baby. When they’ve done a good job on their run, afterward reward them with something tasty and healthy.

Giving your dog a treat isn’t just fun for your dog – it’s fun for you, too. When you’re running, you can look forward to the completion of your run and making your dog happy by feeding them their favorite snacks.

Don’t Forget

There are a lot of things to remember but never forget: it’s very important that before you hit the trails, your dog is protected against fleas or ticks that they may pick up in the great outdoors.

Think about it – you’re putting on sunscreen and bug spray. You need to do the same for your dog.

It’s imperative: get flea and tick protection online for your pup with PetAction, and then get ready to hit the ground running. They’ll feel as good as you do when you get your blood pumping, especially knowing they’re not going to get bitten by any pests out there.

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