Running aRestaurant restaurant is challenging at the best of times, but it’s even harder during a global pandemic like COVID-19. With so many business owners shutting up shop, is there any hope?

Yes! Many restaurants are still finding success during the outbreak because they’ve become more flexible and changed the way they operate.

To find out more, keep reading to find five pieces of advice that can help any restaurant or bar get through the pandemic.

1. Make a COVID Safety Plan

Make a COVID Safety Plan

As a restaurant owner, you’ll need to make a COVID safety plan before opening up. Your state health board will have guidance on this, but it’s essentially a list of steps you’ll take to protect staff and customers.

This should include a Wifi QR code, so customers can check-in to your venue and you can notify them in case of a positive case. Also think about things like social distancing, mask-wearing, and hand sanitizer at the front door.

2. Train Your Staff

You need to train your staff thoroughly, so they understand the pandemic safety plan. This way, everyone can work in a safe environment.

Provide your staff with the equipment they need to work safely as well, like masks, gloves, and face shields, then train them on how to use them properly.

3. Be Sure to Offer Take-Out

Be Sure to Offer Take-Out

If you’re not already, be sure to offer a take-out menu! Not everyone is comfortable returning to dining in, but they still want to enjoy delicious food.

By offering both take-out and delivery, you’ll keep your earnings high, even during a challenging time. You can even change your menu if you need to and offer delivery specials—be sure to promote them on social media too!

4. Social Distance Your Tables

Diners don’t want to sit too close to others, so try removing a few tables from your restaurant to allow for social distancing. This will reduce disease transmission, which customers are sure to appreciate.

If you can offer outdoor dining, even better, as research shows that COVID transmissions are greatly reduced in outdoor spaces.

5. Open Windows and Doors

Open Windows and Doors

Even if you can’t offer outdoor dining, you can still improve your ventilation to increase airflow. Enclosed spaces make it easier for viruses and germs to travel around, so prop your windows and doors open, offering a flow of fresh air through the restaurant.

If you’re worried about customers getting cold, think about purchasing some additional heaters that you can place throughout the restaurant.

Running a Restaurant During a Pandemic Is Easier With These Tips

Running a restaurant during COVID-19 isn’t easy, but don’t lose hope—you can still bring in plenty of income, thanks to the tips above.

Yes, the pandemic means many restaurants have had to change how they do business, but if you’re willing to adapt, you can definitely help your business succeed!

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