Marco Rubio’s Reclaim America PAC said in a press release Wednesday that a recent speech delivered by the senator at the Ronald Reagan Library “drove extreme liberals crazy, and they are on the attack.”

The release added:

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow chopped up Marco’s words and distorted them, even weaving in mentions of Marco’s parents to attack him.

Ed Schultz attacked Marco’s speech as “psycho talk” and called Marco a “political hack”.

In the speech at the Reagan Library Rubio said conservatism is about “compassion and prosperity,” and that while he believes in programs like Social Security and Medicare, they have “have weakened us as a people” and ”we must embrace public policy changes to these programs.”

Rubio launched Reclaim America, saying he started the PAC “in the hopes of supporting candidates all across this country that will come to Washington and join us and standing up to these policies that have failed us and in its place offering clear alternatives.”

In his message, Rubio blamed Senate Democrats “who don’t fully believe in the American free enterprise system” and the White House, which is “occupied by someone whose policies have failed the American people.”

Rubio echos another freshman GOP Sen. Mike Lee, from Utah, who launched the Constitutional Conservatives Fund to “find, fund, and support the kind of statesmen we so desperately need in Washington—those who are ready and willing to stand as champions of constitutionally limited government.”

“I believe the root of many of these problems has been the erosion of constitutional limitations on the power of the federal government. It has become too big, too expensive, and too intrusive, all at the expense of American ingenuity, economic prosperity, and individual liberty,” Lee wrote in announcing the PAC.

In his speech at the Reagan Library Rubio said, “We built government and its programs without any account on how we would pay for it,” adding that Americans in the 20th century built the most prosperous nation in the world, but also a government “we cannot afford to pay for.”

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