Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., are co-sponsoring a bill requiring all employers to use E-Verify, a federal program that allows companies to verify if a job applicant is authorized to work in the U.S.

According to the Shark Tank, Rubio released the following statement:

Consistently, I have stated that a modernization of the legal immigration system is impossible unless we must first secure the border and implement an E-Verify system that will help prevent the hiring and exploitation of undocumented workers. That’s why I support Senator Charles Grassley’s bill to make E-Verify permanent.

Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, says in a written statement, “E-Verify has already proven effective in combating the hiring of illegal aliens. It’s a simple tool for employers who want to comply with the law in a digital age when sophisticated, fraudulent documents are just the stroke of a computer key away.”

Dee Dee Garcia — the director of Somos Republicans, a national conservative Republican organization — tells The Florida Independent her organization “will not support E-Verify, which is an enforcement-only policy, until Congress reconciles with the millions of hardworking undocumented immigrants. They want enforcement-only first; it is a huge national immigration scare.”

Garcia adds that Republicans pride themselves on less government and less bureaucracy, but E-Verify is more of both and is counterproductive to free-market thinking and capitalism because it scares off the labor that small businesses rely on.

Somos Republicans issued a press release Thursday that states:

Cuban-Americans Sen. Marco Rubio and candidate Ted Cruz will permanently wind up on the SOMOS REPUBLICANS unfriendly to Latino list because of their support for enforcement only policies against immigrants. They fail to recognize the privilege Cuban immigrants have over other immigrants that come here to achieve the American dream. Furthermore, both Rubio and Cruz are being supported by the same anti-immigrant crowd that supported JD Hayworth and both have been praised by extremist radio show host Mark Levin. We believe GOP Cuban-Americans such as Rubio and Cruz are being used as pawns by the nativist, anti-immigrant and Tea Party crowd.

The U.S. House version of this bill, the “Legal Workforce Act,” filed this week by GOP Rep. Lamar Smith, has received the support of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and construction and restaurant industry groups.

The Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform announced on Thursday it does not support mandatory E-Verify because it would harm the U.S. agriculture industry.

Other opponents of federal mandatory E-Verify argue that the program would lead to less government control over the underground economy, creating more enforcement challenges.

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