As a roofer, you have to face many risks each day. Anything can happen while repairing a roof. You can fall off or even the equipment like a ladder can cause major injuries that could compromise your job. Property and equipment damage are also risks you might have to face, that’s why it is very important to get roofers liability insurance to protect you and your business’ well-being.

To give you information about the risks you need to face as a roofer, many roofers die at a rate of 29.9 deaths from 100,000 workers working full-time. Roofing has the highest death rate among construction workers. About 50 roofers die each year mostly from falls. This is why you must have roofers liability insurance.

Roofers Liability Insurance to Protect Your Business

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Roofers liability insurance serves as a protection for your business from the possibility of mistakes you might make. As a responsible contractor, you would think of making sure that your workers don’t work on a project without the necessary tools and equipment such as a ladder, hammer, nails, and safety gears to help protect them if something goes wrong. But these are not enough. If your business is operating without a roofers liability insurance, then you are working without one of the most important tools to operate your business through an unexpected disaster. You might have neglected roofer liability insurance because it is pricey. But what if someone sues you, you might lose not just your business but your personal assets too.

Residential Roofer

In case something goes wrong with the property you are working with such as a part of the cover you’ve installed might have been blown away causing leaks in the house. The homeowner will surely expect you to pay for the damages even if it is not completely your fault, you might even get sued if you resist paying. To avoid this, you need to be protected by roofers liability insurance. According to FreeAdvice, a website giving law advice to millions of consumers since 1995, “The answer to who’s at fault for a worker’s injury can vary from state to state, especially since some states have no-fault when it comes to insurance for injuries.”

Why Joining Hands with a Professional Roofer Makes Sense?

Roofers liability insurance is complex and it is advisable to get the guidance of an experienced insurance agent to make the right choices for your business. You might be thinking that you don’t want to spend too much on roofers liability insurance but there is a lot of affordable roofers liability insurance out there. All you have to do is shop around compare which one you want the most. But you don’t have to waste time shopping around looking for the perfect rate for your roofers liability insurance. Let someone from the best insurance agency help you out. General contractors insurance will make sure that none of your time will be wasted, in fact, our knowledgeable agents will make sure that you no longer have to go around looking for different quotes or rates anymore which will make you save more time. Requesting for a quote is just a click away or you can call us at (877)574-8814 and an agent will guide you through every decision-making you have to make.

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