Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won yesterday’s New Hampshire primary by double digits, taking more than 39 percent of the vote.

Jon Huntsman saw a disappointing third-place finish, despite waging a fierce campaign in New Hampshire. And though he saw only 16.85 percent of the vote, Huntsman has said he will stay in the race for the time being.

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum nearly tied for fourth place (with 9.4 and 9.3 percent, respectively), while Rick Perry got less than 1 percent of the vote.

Coming off his decisive New Hampshire victory, polls show that Romney will likely lead the pack in South Carolina. But, as Bloomberg points out, the state could also offer Romney’s opponents the best chance of knocking him off his path to the presidency.

Via Bloomberg:

It’s a state where Romney’s Northern upbringing and Mormon faith are unnatural fits. South Carolina is also home to companies where workers lost jobs after a private equity firm that Romney helped found, Bain Capital LLC, made investments, a business practice that has become a premier argument against his candidacy for his opponents.

South Carolina’s primary will be held Jan. 21, followed by Florida’s on Jan. 31.

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