Roller skate hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. Its rising popularity has reached numerous schools and many youngsters and adults now play skating hockey. Inline skating hockey is undoubtedly fun to play, but it also involves chances of physical injuries. If you want to play skating hockey, you must wear all the protective roller hockey gear to protect yourself from injuries and give you the stability and agility to move faster on the rink.

You shouldn’t compromise the quality of the skating hockey gear. Many new skating hockey players buy cheaper alternatives and end up paying for it in the rink by poor performance and injuries. It is important to double-check every gear and buy only high-quality equipment.

Roller Hockey Gear Accessories

If you are not sure what to buy, here are five accessories you must have in your roller skating hockey gear.

1. Inline Hockey Skates

Inline Hockey Skates

One of the essential gears you need while playing inline skating hockey is inline hockey skates. Unlike standard roller blades, inline hockey skates have wheels fitted on a chassis instead of a blade holder with blades. It gives the much-needed durability and protection against the impact on the rink. When you plan to buy inline hockey skates, you must consider various factors such as size, weight, support, durability, and comfort.

The inline hockey skates must fit your feet comfortably. They should not be too fit or too loose. Otherwise, it will affect your movement in the rink. The size should be perfect enough to fit perfectly without slipping off. Another factor you must consider is weight. The skates must be made with durable and lightweight material to help you move on the ground quickly. You must also check the hardness of the wheels to determine whether they are the right choice for the surface you play on. A durometer rating can help you choose the durability of the wheel. Some popular inline skate brands are Bauer, Mission, Tour Hockey, and Roller Derby.

2. Hockey Helmet

Safety should be paramount while on the rink. As inline or roller skating hockey is a contact sport, you must always protect yourself. Hockey helmets provide you with the required protection while playing inline hockey. Hockey helmets are available in different sizes, features, and price points. If you plan to spend the money on hockey gear, it should be the helmet. Hockey helmets come with an expiration date as the plastic cracks with time, and the inside foam also loses its firmness over time. That’s why it’s best to buy a new hockey helmet.

As per reports, more than 3.5 million children suffer head injuries in sports every year. That is one big reason why hockey helmets should be carefully chosen. Check for the helmet size that comfortably fits your head without any discomfort. Make sure you wear it perfectly so the safety features can perform as intended. For younger players, it’s advised to use a full-face helmet. It comes with a visor or cage. You can purchase the visor or cage separately from the same seller.

Hockey Helmet

3. Inline Padded Shirts

Inline padded shirts are a must-have in your gear list. They offer mobility, protection when being on the rink. While some players don’t wear shoulder pads as they are bulky, it wouldn’t hurt to have some protection to protect you from injuries. Inline padded shirts are lighter than the traditional shoulder pads and offer better protection against impact if the player collides with other players. The choice between the two options depends on your personal preferences. Just make sure they fit perfectly and don’t affect your mobility.

4. Inline Hockey Gloves

Believe it or not, fingers are the body part that suffers most injuries during inline hockey. As players hustle to control the puck, the hockey stick can collide and hurt your fingers while playing. They are also more prone to scraping and bruising. Hockey gloves protect against impact and protect your hand and fingers from scraping and bruises.

Hockey gloves come with mesh sections or vents that offer sufficient airflow inside the glove to avoid sweating. Ensure the gloves comfortably cover your fingers, wrist, and backhand and are sufficiently vented, contoured and lightweight. It is also important to check whether the gloves are comfortable and offer a good grip over the stick.

5. Elbow Pads & Shin Guards

Elbow Pads & Shin Guards

You are more likely to bump into other players during a game or suffer a severe fall. Elbow pads and shin guards protect you from injuries during falls and collisions. They have durable guards inside them that absorb the impact and save you from injuries. Elbow pads protect your elbow and reduce the possibility of hurting other players during a collision.

Inline skating hockey is undoubtedly an adrenaline-pumping sport. With the right protective gear, you can try new tricks and experiment with your game tactics without worrying about injuries. This is why it is important always to treat your safety as the number one priority to exhibit your best performance and avoid any mishaps on the rink.

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