Republican David Rivera, running to represent U.S. congressional District 25 against Democrat Joe Garcia, posted today on his Facebook page the following statement:

“It has been brought to our attention that voters, especially elderly voters, are receiving automated calls purporting to be from our campaign. The calls use a recording of David Rivera’s voice and are made at inappropriate hours, including late at night and very early in the morning,” said Leslie Veiga, Rivera’s Communications Director. “These calls are inconsiderate and are not originating from our campaign. It is disappointing that David’s desperate opponent is disrespecting the voters and resorting to these outrageous antics.

“Resorting to publicity stunts and irritating phone calls is an insult to the voters. We call on David’s opponent to stop harassing the voters of District 25 and focus his campaign on the issues of concern.”

The Florida Independent contacted Joe Garcia’s campaign to find out whether Garcia is indeed behind the calls.

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