For several years now various auto manufacturers and technology companies have been working together to make the dream of autonomous cars a reality. Companies like Tesla, Toyota, and Audi are working to dominate the self-driving car market.

At the same time tech giants like Google are competing with other businesses like Uber to perfect the technology that controls these self-driving machines. The future of autonomous cars shows great promise, but due to safety issues, many lawmakers have been hesitant to allow autonomous vehicle testing in their cities.

The acceleration of technology advancement isn’t a new thing. Even a few years ago technology that is now considered commonplace – would have been considered cutting edge.

Pittsburgh has been one of the leading cities to allow self-driving car testing on their roads. As a result of this testing, many high-tech companies like Uber have created high-paying jobs that have revitalized the local community.

As one of the fastest-growing U.S. cities, Orlando, FL is looking to get in on the action by opening up their roads to test autonomous cars.

Orlando, FL Is The New Theme Park For Autonomous Cars

The U.S. Department of Transportation declared Thursday that Central Florida had been selected to provide the infrastructure needed to test new automatic vehicle systems. Not only have state and city politicians reduced the laws surrounding road testing, but they have also provided several options for automakers to test their technology.

These proving ground programs include a new transportation technologies screening facility, called SunTrax, on a 400-acre site in Polk County. This situation provides an environment that reflects the surroundings typical of an urban environment. Some of the elements that will help autonomous car testing includes a city core that is downtown that is simulated to test bicycle, pedestrian and vehicle interactions with automobiles that are automated.

Eventually, streets such as the I4, SR 540 and SR 528 will supply the automatic vehicles building roadway encounter that is real that is hefty, with all the crazy driver.

How Orlando, FL Will Lead The Autonomous Car Revolution

Orlando has been working hard to establish itself as the Silicon Valley of the East. Numerous startup incubators have popped up around the city, providing an incentive for young tech entrepreneurs to move into the area. At the same time, Orlando offers some of the most business-friendly taxes and other policies in the state. These perks have contributed to the growth of startups, specifically high-tech startups, to the area.

Along with attracting tech companies, Orlando is looking to grow its economy by attracting high-paying jobs in the auto industry through self-driving car testing. Many tech companies are also working on in-vehicle entertainment centers that provide marketers with new ways to deliver personalized messages to their target audience.

Orlandoโ€™s plan to build an economy based on technology is simple: Change the metropolis into the worldโ€™s greatest check monitor, and give the tourist, protection and tech industries a chance to participate.

While Orlando is eager to move to the next steps, city officers havenโ€™t established a timeline yet. However, all the necessary measures have been made to set the stage. Orlando, FL has some of the most welcoming regulations in the US for autonomous vehicles.

Where Will Self-Driving Car Testing Take Place In Orlando?

Orlando is expected to roll out their autonomous car testing program by beginning at Disney Worldโ€™s Epcot theme park. Created in the 1980s as a prototype city of the future, several plans include developing the theme park into a full city to test autonomous cars.

If Disney proves too difficult (or expensive) to build the testing site at, Florida has several other options. Street testing will happen on closed streets at NASAโ€™s Kennedy Space Center, as well as, at SunTrax, a 2.25-mile test monitor an hour southwest of downtown Orlando.

Once the engineering advances, Orlando planned to add automatic shuttles and shared -use vehicles to its devoted bus lanes. Computer software will be applied by the University of Florida Polytechnic College and Central Florida.

Testing To Ensure A Safe Future

While technology and manufacturing of autonomous cars continue to speed forward, the truth remains that automakers need spaces to test their technology. The real test of self-driving car technology will be when these tech marvels meet public roads and have to interact with real-life drivers.ย  If you purchase your own autonomous car be sure to get a vehicle REVS check.

In the meantime, Orlando and dozens of other cities are passing ordinances to attract driverless autos with the hope of reducing fatalities, congestion, and pollution. Floridians continue to watch in excitement as the future of autonomous cars could be right here in their backyards!

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