I think it’s great. I’ve attended several rallies in Florida and around the country, and had the privilege to address the crowd at many of them. Forget the attacks on the Tea Party that you’ve heard in the mainstream media – the people I’ve met are genuine, hard working folks who want the government to be accountable to the taxpayers again. And they’re patriots, too. They want what is best for our country and they’re willing to get out and make their voices heard, and I believe they are going to be a major factor in turning our state around, too. #

Today in Eustis, Gov. Scott will present his budget to the tea party, first at a private luncheon for group leaders and then at a rally that organizers say is expected to draw dozens of groups from around the state. #

On the one hand some lawmakers are amazed that Scott is willing to be the “bad guy” so to speak. In other words, he’s come out with with the really tough proposals that could likely make the Legislature appear somewhat benevolent in return. #

Charlotte County organizer Robin Stublen says the eruption of opposition greeting members of Congress during town hall meetings over health care reform in recent years proves the tea party can have an impact beyond the ballot box. The movement has inspired thousands of conservatives to “get off the couch,” in tea party parlance, and demand more involvement in their government’s decisions. #

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