Who Is Richard Liu?

Liu is the owner and creator of JD.com. Liu had the idea to create a company that sold optical products. Liu was able to establish two brick and mortar stores, and he created several more throughout the country of China. In 2003, there was an outbreak of SARS in China, and Liu had to think up innovative ways to keep his company alive without compromising anyone’s health. Liu came up with idea to sell his products online. That was the idea that changed him into a multi billionaire. JingDong grew exponentially within the last few years, and it is now considered to be China’s Amazon.com because of its reach and its reliability. Another unique aspect of JingDong is that it offers high-quality products that are sold throughout the entire country. Almost 99% of the Chinese population is able to get products from this innovative e-commerce website.

A Commitment To Improving the Earth

Recently, TGdaily.com did an article about Richard Liu and his company. JD.com has warehouse all throughout China. Apart from that, the company uses a fleet of vehicles in order to insure next day shipping. Richard Liu realizes that his company has a responsibility to the environment, and he is committed to reducing JD’s environmental footprint. Liu has taken several measures in order to run an environmentally friendly operation. One of the first things that this company has integrated is a Solar Photovoltaic Power generating system. This is a system that Liu is putting on the roof of his largest building in Shanghai. By 2030, Liu has promised to own the world’s largest solar powered rooftop. This roof is about 200,000,000 m² long; that equals 77 mi.²

An Eco-friendly Delivery System

JD.com uses thousands of vehicles in order to transport its products. This company is committed to using new energy vehicles in its delivery operations. As of now, JD is in the beginning stages of operating more than 5000 earth-friendly vehicles. These vehicles will include hybrid vehicles, hydrogen powered vehicles, electric powered vehicles, and solar powered vehicles as well. At the present moment, JD is doing testing on these different modes of transportation in order to find out which ones will best meet the company’s needs.

Hand and Hand with Local Communities

JD has a deep desire to reach out to local communities and to invest in their improvement. In order to empower struggling communities, Liu sent employees from his company to some of the rural areas of China in order to hire local workers. These jobs will give poor families opportunities to improve their lives and to make a fair income. Employees have various options when it comes to work locations. Liu’s company has created warehouses, delivery routes, and positions in distribution. The average pay rate for a worker at this company is about $900 a month; this is double the pay of the majority of workers in most poor regions of the country. JD.com also is committed to giving back to those in need. The company does this by offering donations to several charities. Apart from that, JD sells a variety of local products on it’s platform; this high profile platform offers small business the visibility that they need to sell and distribute their products.

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