Brick-and-mortar stores generated over $6 trillion in sales in the U.S. in 2022. Although online shopping is popular, this shows there is also a market for in-person sales.

Making sure your retail store layout is well-designed is the key to capitalizing on this. But it can be hard to know how and where to improve your retail store design.

This article is here to give you some great tips on how to boost your sales through smart retail layout ideas. Let’s get into it!

Plan Your Space

Retail equipments

Plan your store layout with care before adding any fixtures. Create a clear flow throughout your retail store, to encourage clients to explore. Make sure that there is plenty of space around the walkways to make navigation easy.

Always be aware of where you are leading your customers. Put high-traffic items at the back of the shop to encourage customers to walk through the store. Then they are likely to encounter more items that they would like to buy.

You should also use good lighting throughout the store to highlight key areas. Integrate a mixture of ambient, accent, and task lighting to maximize sales.

When planning your retail layout ideas, you should make sure you keep your displays fresh. If everything looks the same every time the customer visits, it can be boring and put them off buying. Embrace colors and geometry to make your space more interesting for customers.

Be Smart with Fixtures

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The key to successful retail merchandising is using the right fixtures in your store. Clean and well-presented fixtures make products appear of better quality and more appealing.

You should also think about the height and access of your fixtures. If items are not easy to reach, this will put people off.

Put key products within the direct eye line of your customers. This makes them easier to notice and increases the chances that customers will pick them up.

It is a good idea to buy your fixtures from experts in display fixture manufacturing. They will have a variety of merchandising displays in many sizes to suit all retail spaces.

Harness Impulse Sales

Retail Store

Impulse sales can be a great way to increase your sales without much extra effort. There are a couple of smart ways to do it, the first being putting “add-on” items close to the checkout area.

Grocery stores are a good example of this, as you find small confectionary items next to or even above the checkout area. This makes it easy for customers to grab the item without thinking about their decision.

In other retail environments, like clothing stores, group items together to drive sales. For example, you can hang complementary accessories next to display outfits. Customers will see how good the items look together, and are more likely to buy the whole set.

Improve Your Retail Store Layout

Improving your retail store layout is key to driving up your sales. Create an easy-to-navigate and eye-catching environment. This way customers are more likely to pick up items and head to the till!

Using well-designed fixtures will also help improve your bottom line.

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