About 51.3 percent of online users use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Is your website optimized for mobile? If not, you should get on it today since users conduct almost 60 percent of searches on mobile devices.

Following the responsive design best practice can do the trick and put your website in front of your targeted audience. Don’t know why you should care?

We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you the basics about it and why is responsive web design important. Read on to get the inside scoop on having a mobile responsive website.

Responsive Design Best Practice: The Basics and Why You Should Care

You might’ve asked yourself too many times how to make the most out of your website. Sometimes simple tweaks such as using the best SEO tricks and changes to your site design can help you get more clicks. Is your website optimized for mobile?

The best practice is using a site design that supports any type of mobile device. You want to make sure anyone can learn more about your products and services. It doesn’t matter if you just launched your blog or business, you must optimize your website.

Still thinking twice about optimizing your website for mobile? Here are the top 3 reasons why a responsive website is a must.

1. Improving Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines such as Google are prioritizing mobile. Building a mobile responsive website will help you rank higher on search engine results. Mobile optimization will make your site run lighter and faster.

By boosting your site’s speed, you’ll be following the latest website design trends. You should check out this post by Optuno to learn more about the top trends you should keep in mind this year.

2. More Consumers Are Going Mobile

The increasing popularity of mobile devices makes mobile optimization a must to keep up with your competitors. Experts found that 79 percent of consumers researched on their phone before making a purchase. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile, you might miss the chance of reaching that audience.

3. Increasing Your Conversions

When you optimize for mobile, you make your website accessible to anyone who uses mobile devices. If you use the right design, you can increase your conversions.

An example is how your mobile website could help your customers place orders for your products or services from their devices. Also, if your site has a scheduling feature your customers can book your services on the go.

The Bottom Line

While it may take some time and money to optimize your website for mobile, it’s worth it. Some of the most important benefits of following the responsive design best practice are boosting your search engine ranking, conversions and audience reach.

You may think it’s more complicated. Yet, today you can find many mobile-ready website designs. These designs will help you lower your site maintenance costs. Also, using a mobile-optimized design will boost your efficiency because you won’t be running two versions of your website.

Want to more helpful tips to improve your website? Check out our Technology section for more insightful articles.

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