When you want to be a personal trainer in Florida, you must purchase the appropriate liability insurance. There are a few tips below that explain the insurance requirements for yourself or your business. You can use these tips to purchase the appropriate insurance, and you can compare policies online using charts or carrier comparison systems.

Do You Have A Lease?

If you have a lease for a facility where you handle all your personal training appointments, you need general liability insurance. You must keep this insurance policy along with the insurance you need to protect yourself and your clients. If you get all your policies from the same company, you will save money with a multi-policy discount.

If you own a building, you can use the same policy to protect your business against any visitor injuries. These policies can be bought at almost any value, but $1 million is recommended.

Do You Employ Four Or More People?

If you employ four or more people, you are required to carry worker’s compensation insurance. You must keep this insurance current to help your employees if they are hurt on the job. If you do not have this insurance coverage, you could be cited by the state if someone is hurt while they are at work. Plus, you must make certain that you post all the information about worker’s comp in a place where your employees can easily find it.

Worker’s compensation insurance is not required if you employ only a few people, but you can use this insurance to protect your staff. Also, you might get worker’s comp insurance for yourself and a partner. You can use the worker’s comp system to recover, and the insurance will pay for lost wages.

Are You Running A Business?

If you are running a business, you must get professional liability insurance or a business owner’s policy. You need a policy that will protect your business if a client chooses to sue, and you need a policy that will protect you from other businesses. Additionally, you can use these policies to pay for any losses that might have occurred if there is a natural disaster or your employees leave suddenly.

You can get a general liability policy for the business, but that policy will only help you with things like storm damage or client complaints. If you want to recover any income you have lost, you must get a business owner’s policy that is designed to help you with your expenses. Also, you could use these policies to supplement your income if you were hurt at work.

Are You Working Alone?

Your personal trainer insurance cost changes when you must insure yourself against any liability. You need a professional liability policy that will help you when you have been sued as a personal trainer. You need to deflect any attention from you to the insurance company, and you need a policy that will provide you with legal representation. Someone who works in a gym that is owned by someone else should get one of these policies. Plus, you can recommend this type of insurance to your employees.


When you are getting insurance for your personal training business, you must ensure that you have found the appropriate company and/or policy. You can choose from several different policies that will work for your company, and you can use insurance to protect your employees. If you get all your insurance from the same company, you will get a discount for carrying multiple policies. Also, you can use this insurance to protect your building, your business, and your staff.

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