Republican candidates for federal office Allen West, Dan Webster, David Rivera, and Marco Rubio have all earned the endorsement of the Government Is Not God political action committee, whose chairman and founder, William J. Murray, argues that “atheistic forces” are “engaging in a religious cleansing of American society.”

We called all the candidates endorsed by Government Is Not God to ask if they accept the group’s support. None responded.

But we did speak with Murray — who, in addition to his work for Government Is Not God, serves as chairman of Religious Freedom Coalition.

Murray says that aside from his work with both groups, the Religious Freedom Coalition and Government Is Not God “are not connected at all.”

The online bookstore of the Religious Freedom Coalition sells Murray’s book, The Pledge: One Nation Under God. The description of the book says that in it, Murray “contends” that “atheistic forces, spearheaded by the ACLU and Michael Newdow, are engaging in a religious cleansing of American society. These forces seek to replace faith in God with an atheistic, secularist, and heartless philosophy that has no respect for the belief that the human race is God’s creation.”

Murray tells The Florida Independent that the “religious cleansing” of America is being carried out by “using the courts to erase our Judeo-Christian tradition.” “Whoever doesn’t recognize this,” he says. “lives in a fantasy.”

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