President Barack Obama (Pic by The White House, via Flickr)

A new set of fuel efficiency standards proposed by the Obama administration could save the average Florida family $371 at the gas pump in 2030.

According to an analysis (.pdf) released today by the Sierra Club, the proposed fuel efficiency and carbon pollution standards for cars and light trucks “will save Floridians $4.2 billion overall, cut the state’s oil use by 2.1 billion gallons and reduce carbon pollution by 24 million metric tons in 2030 — equivalent to avoiding the carbon pollution of 6 coal-fired power plants in that year.”

Nationwide, the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Natural Resources Defense Council estimates the standards will save Americans $44 billion by 2030, cut oil use by 23 billion gallons and cut carbon pollution by 280 million metric tons.

“Cars and trucks that use less gas are a win-win for Florida’s economy and our environment,” said Jonathan Ullman, Sierra Club South Florida/Everglades organizing representative, in a press release. “The Obama administration’s new fuel efficiency standards ensure 15 years of continuous progress to help save Floridians money at the gas pump, create jobs, curb life-threatening pollution, and help move our country beyond oil.”

Obama announced his tentative outline for 2017-2025 standards in July, which was met with praise by big-name car makers and environmentalists. The administration is expected to officially unveil the standards in mid-November and finalize them by next summer.

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