Rep. Alan Grayson introduces the “War Is Making You Poor Act” (Update: Watch him discuss it) « Florida Independent: News. Politics. MediaRep. Alan Grayson — you know the guy — last night introduced a doozy of a bill: the “War Is Making You Poor Act.” Its goal? To take the $159.3 billion of federal money being spent “in the President’s fiscal year 2011 budget for operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan” and use it to provide an immediate tax credit for Americans whose modified adjusted gross income is under $35,000. The Orlando Sentinel coyly opines that “It’s not clear if Grayson expects his bill to go anywhere or he’s just trying to make a point.”

Read the full bill after the jump:

War Is Making You Poor Act

Update: Watch Grayson discuss the bill on the floor of the House:

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