Are you looking to set up your first office at the Del Mar office space? Renting your first Del Mar office space can be a difficult and good turning point for your business. The beach city Del Mar may sound like the right spot for vacation, and it indeed is. The city of Del Mar, being home to big names in the industry like Qualcomm, Intuit, and more, can offer a great starting point for your venture.

Ranging from construction to information, healthcare, real estate, finance, and insurance, the per capita income in Del Mar is 243% higher compared to other parts of the USA. With such good scope, Del Mar can make the best place for your business.

However, when renting your first Del Mar office space, you have to make sure that the workspace you choose supports your team and allows them to grow and thrive along with the business. So you have to make the right decision without haste.

Here are a few things you should consider before renting your first Del Mar office space:

Things to remember when renting Del mar office space

Look For a Secure Property Or Building

Look For a Secure Property Or Building

Let’s talk about security first. The crime rate at Del Mar is 2.0 times lower than the average crime rate in the USA. Yet, you cannot be aloof when it comes to security in and around your Del Mar office space. The building you choose should offer these amenities as well.

It is your responsibility to find an office space that will keep you, your employees, and your equipment secure and safe. So check if the building provides secured entry points and after-hours security.

What Facilities & Amenities Do You Need Nearby

This factor can impact the location decision of your first Del Mar office space. Your employees would expect and appreciate an office space which is closer to coffee shops and restaurants. Along with this, places that you visit for business purposes like banks and meeting spaces should be nearby.

At Del Mar, you can find such office spaces at Jimmy Durante Boulevard, Ocean Pointe, and Camino Del Mar.

Especially Jimmy Durante Boulevard is surrounded by various major restaurants like Panera Bread, Starbucks, SmashBurger, and more. There are also Union Banks at Del Mar Plaza. Office space in such a tight-knit area with all amenities will make it a good location for your business.

Parking and Bike Storage

Parking and Bike Storage

When it comes to choosing your first office space, you cannot overlook the parking facilities. You have to make sure that your team has a fair amount of parking space to access. You can also consider a dedicated or secure parking lot.

Especially in Del Mar, as there are beaches nearby the office spaces, you can also check if they have bike and surfboard storage. With the beach just in walking distance from such office spaces, you and your team may have plans after work to go surfboarding and such. So it is a plus if the place has specialized parking for that as well.

Who Are Responsible For Maintenance & Repair

When in need, repairs for the office space can take up a significant part of your expense. So when you rent an office space in Del Mar, check if the landlord is responsible for the expenses. If yes, then make sure whether they commit to taking care of it at the right time.

Instead, if you have to bear responsibility for the repair costs, and then make sure you shape up your budget accordingly.

Consider the Office Layout

Consider the Office Layout

When you choose an office space, the concept and aesthetics can be a determining factor in your decision. Many Del Mar office spaces are built on modern concepts.

With the Del Mar beaches nearby, Jimmy Durante Blvd. and Ocean Pointe’s office buildings are built with concepts that include great scenic views from the office.

Again being in such proximity with the beaches, you can go for concepts with operable windows, outdoor patios and meeting spaces, and restrooms that can be accessed from common outdoor spaces.

Consult and Work With Experts

When you are renting your first office space at Del Mar, you should seek professional guidance and advice. You can conduct all the research you want by yourself, but talking to someone from the area with a lot of experience can make a big difference.

Sometimes there will be certain hurdles and elements in the process which may be difficult for you to understand. To avoid making significant mistakes, talk to experts in the local Del Mar area before making decisions.

To sum up, if you are going to set up your first Del Mar office space, make sure that you don’t leave out any aspect from this list. Del Mar being such a vibrant locality, you should not miss out on finding the right elements for your office space. So take your time, ponder through these options and choose wisely.

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