Did you know that 36.6% of U.S. households are rented? That means that 108.8 million Americans rent their accommodation. Here is the difference between apartment vs house.

Renting is a good option for those who are looking to save money to buy their own house. It is also a good option for those who don’t want the responsibilities of owning their house.

Apartment vs Home: Pros & Cons

When it comes to renting an apartment or house, there are many factors you need to consider.

Keep reading to find out how to decide whether you should rent an apartment or house. Things to consider when renting a house vs renting an apartment for the first time

The two main types of properties to rent are an apartment vs house. Renting a home can be a straightforward thing to do, but you need to decide which option is right for you. This can be particularly tricky for first-time renters, so to help you’ve we’ve broken down the pros and cons for both.

Apartment Rental: Pros

It might be cheaper to rent an apartment because it will be cheaper to heat or cool your space. You might also be able to benefit from the heating or cooling that your neighbors provide because apartments are often in a block. Another cost you might be spared from is the cost of maintaining your garden or communal area, as this is often covered in the cost of your rent.

How to Rent Out an Apartment

Another pro of renting an apartment is on-site amenities. Many apartments come with a wealth of on-site amenities, which makes your life a lot easier. You might be able to find apartments that come with gyms, pools, on-site shops, and even luxury amenities such as on-site classes and workshops and bicycle repair stations.

As with a rental house, rental apartments also come with the ease of moving out if needs be. If you get a new job and need to move locations then you don’t need to worry about your mortgage. Most rental apartments ask for a month’s notice of moving apartment vs house, which makes it a very flexible option.

Apartment Rental: Cons

There are cons to renting an apartment too, such as less space compared to a rental apartment vs house. Apartments generally have less storage space than houses. This means that you might need to get rid of some things or look into smart storage solutions.

Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit

Another con apartment rental might bring is nuisances. Common apartment nuisances might include noisy neighbors, unclean water, or faulty plumbing lines. Parking spaces might also be limited when renting an apartment, which can be another huge con for young professionals and families.

There are also other considerations to think about if an apartment is a right choice for you. For example, you need to think about the size of the apartment, find out more about the differences between a studio apartment and a one-bedroom apartment.

House Rental: Pros

A massive pro about renting a house is you get plenty of space. Compared to an apartment, you’ll find that houses offer spacious rooms and possibly more of them for your money. You’ll also find functional storage spaces in a house, your own private parking space, and most likely a garden or yard.

Looking to Rent a House

Another pro of renting a house is that you can enjoy more privacy. Houses provide more privacy than apartments because although you might be surrounded by neighbors, the walls are thicker and better insulated. So, if you want a space that feels just like your own renting a house might be better for you and invest in real state.

You can do more of your favorite leisure activities more without worrying about other people getting annoyed. For example, if you like to play a musical instrument, the neighbors are less likely to hear and get irritated. Some landlords in houses might also be more likely to allow you to keep a pet, than a landlord in an apartment.

House Rental: Cons

One con for renting a house is that you might need to commute to and from work. Usually, houses are further out in suburbs as opposed to in city centers, like apartments are. This might mean that you’re further away from local amenities and have to drive or use public transport to get to work, the shops, the hospitals, and the nightlife.

Another con of renting a house is more work and maintenance. Houses that come with more space than an apartment will have more rooms to clean. You might also need to maintain the property, such as the garden or yard.

Rent a House with Bad Credit

Some of the maintenance responsibilities might also land at your door too. For example, some landlords ask you to take care of the plumbing while you’re renting the house.

Another con is that for all the additional privacy and space, you might have to pay extra to rent a house. On top of these costs, you also need to consider the costs of commuting and maintenance if necessary. Another cost to consider might be buying furniture and appliances if the house doesn’t come with these.

Make the Right Choice Between Renting an Apartment or House

Use our guide to help inform your decision about whether it is best for you to rent a house vs apartment. Remember that both renting a house vs apartment come with pros and cons, so weigh these up first and decide which ones best suit you.

The best part about renting is that you’re able to move out with relatively short notice if you decide you don’t like the setup. So if you start renting a house and find you would prefer to rent house vs apartment, then you can easily switch between the two.

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