Sicily is certainly the largest and largest Italian island and therefore, as is obvious to infer, it is practically impossible to tell the whole story in a few words.

We are talking about a city that has as major and best-known places of historical and scenic interest the volcano Etna and its picturesque surroundings. So one of the areas, together with the Baroque Palermo and cities like Messina and Cefalรน, of greater fortune and visibility for the Sicilian and Italian territory.

We do not believe that there is a better choice than having a nice holiday on the Ionian Sea

Taormina villa rentals mean making an investment of class, luxury, the prestige that offers relaxation for yourself, your family, your friends, and your partner.

Talking about luxury villas in Sicily is easy. Talking about Taormina is obvious, natural, now compulsory. Taormina is famous all over the world because it enjoys an incredibly privileged position on the Sicilian territory and for those who want to make adventurous or sporty excursions or even just take relaxing walks to enjoy the sun then exploring the eastern coastline of Sicily is the right choice.

It is known that the most interesting cultural center of Taormina is the Greek amphitheater. It is the largest socio-cultural attraction and creates a regular flow of both theatrical and fashion shows as well as film festivals. This also makes it the best place to meet new people and create business and exchange opportunities.

Taormina: an old and young city

In Taormina, it’s not easy to say how many beautiful, clean, crystal clear beaches there are. Moreover, the city center, so rich in life, folklore, passion, and welcome of the citizens is located two steps away and is entirely pedestrian.ย  The city is full of interesting places, both historical and commercial. Taormina is full of interesting and typical antique and jewelry shops and boutiques. In Sicily, you can find typical clothing and jewelry, unobtainable elsewhere. The combination of Mediterranean climate, volcanic rocks (remember the ever-present Etna!), the succession of millenary dominations by peoples as varied and diverse as the Normans, the Spanish and the Arabs have influenced Sicily so much to inspire its inhabitants. Tailoring and jewelry are a true luxury in Sicily.

How not to remember up there, high above the sea, the IX April square with its fabulous terrace overlooking the Ionian Sea.ย  Speaking of Luxury villas with swimming pool, we can not fail to mention those located on the beaches of Isola Bella and those located on the promenade of Giardini Naxos. The villas in this area are bathed by the sun, caressed by the sea breeze and offer holidays of total relaxation. Nearby you can visit Catania and Acireale which are cities of primary importance both in ancient history and in the modern era, of the rich Sicilian heritage. We remind you, again, that although Etna has been threatening over the centuries, it is now a respectable attraction and with its team park Etna Land is recommended for large families, children, and adults in search of adventure.

As everyone knows, Sicily offers a vibrant variety (and therefore tasting) of typical and unique wines that can be found in villages close to the hills rich in vineyards of Etna.ย  If you are looking for new and strong emotions and sensations, you can choose between a selection of excursions on the slopes of the volcano or try some exciting water or land adventure sports at the Alcantara Gorges.

The sandy beaches along the east coast of Sicily and the Etna Land theme park make Taormina particularly attractive for families.

We are sure that in these few lines you have found inspiration and awareness of how much, at least once in your life, a holiday in Taormina is recommended. We recommend that you take a look at your schedule and mark in your calendar at least two weeks, Taormina is waiting for you.

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