Moving to a new city is always intimidating. Sure, there is excitement mixed in there, but along with that excitement is the desire to pick a neighborhood and home or apartment that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable and happy in. As a young professional who is relocating to Los Angeles, there is no shortage of potential neighborhoods to choose from, as Los Angeles is really quite sprawling, but which are the best? Which would tick off all the boxes on your “must-have” list?

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best neighborhoods for those young professionals looking to live in the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles


It doesn’t get more LA than a place in Hollywood. If you’re into heritage homes with personality, plenty of privacy, and some incredible landmarks, then Hollywood is the place to be. Other pros to living in this neighborhood include a wide array of restaurants, lovely public parks, plenty of shops and retailers, and its beautiful scenery. It has got a fresh and hip vibe about it that can make it perfect for newbie young professionals to the area.

West Hollywood

Then there is West Hollywood, which is known for its laid back atmosphere mixed with an upscale vibe. Keep in mind that this one is nowhere near a freeway, so not ideal if you need freeway access. What it does offer is upscale shopping, plenty of eateries, and a lively comedy-scene for those who love hitting up the comedy clubs for some fun.

Marina del Rey

If your goal was to move to the Los Angeles area and enjoy all the coastal benefits, then Marina del Rey could be the perfect place to put down roots. There is a slower pace here when compared to downtown LA, and it definitely has that coastal vibe that is so popular with people. You’ll be able to take full advantage of the waterfront area. For those who happen to work in the tech industry, its close proximity to “Silicon Beach” startups and companies can also be convenient.

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA)

If you want to be located in the heart of the business district, then Downtown Los Angeles, or DTLA, is the place to be. Downtown isn’t always the first place that pops into people’s minds when thinking about Los Angeles, but this is where you’ll find the business district as well as some incredible landmarks.

There is so much at your fingertips and within walking distance that it’s also perfect for those who don’t want to rely on a car to get around. Public transit can easily get you from point A to point B in the downtown core.

Playa de Rey

If you need to have access to LAX for frequent travel, then choosing a neighborhood within a short commuting distance to the airport is probably top of the list. Playa del Rey can be just that neighborhood for you. Not only does it offer close proximity to LAX, but it is also nestled between the hills of California and the beaches, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to natural beauty. Many people compare the style of living here to resort-living, and it can really be a relaxing environment to call home.


If you will be working in the San Fernando Valley, then Beverlywood can be a great option. People tend to appreciate the fact that it gets you away from the heavy traffic of Hollywood and Beverly Hills, while still offering tons of conveniences and natural beauty. You’ll be surrounded by plenty of other young professionals, so you’ll fit right in here.

What About Finding a Place to Live?

So, now that you’ve got a list of potential neighborhoods worth looking into, the next question is how to go about finding a place to live in this highly competitive real estate market. The answer is simple – look into fully furnished rentals in Los Angeles. For example, Blueground has a variety of apartments in LA that are ideal for young professionals, and they are located in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods, such as the ones listed here.

It’s more than just prime locations though. The company also offers flexible lease terms so guests have the flexibility to move between apartments and explore various neighborhoods. These apartments are perfect for a month, a year, or even longer. There’s no need to deal with the stress and time commitment that house hunting in LA typically requires.

The Right Neighborhood for You

Relocating to LA and feeling comfortable in your new surroundings is all about picking a neighborhood that matches up with your personality, lifestyle, and your list of wants and needs.

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