Millions of Americans do not have bank accounts. Approximately ten million to be exact. The FDIC also reports that millions of Americans are “underbanked”; meaning that they may have a simple checking account but rely on check cashing services and payday loans to get by.

Americans without bank accounts either don’t trust banks (especially after the financial crisis in 2008) or they have made mistakes with banks, overdrawn accounts and have poor credit.

How in the world can Americans get by in the plastic era with no bank account? How do they use direct deposit, automatic bill pay, online shopping, paypal, amazon…..the list of handicaps is endless. Thankfully, anyone can enjoy the same conveniences of having a bank account with reloadable prepaid cards.

The Simplicity of Purchasing a Reloadable Prepaid Card

Reloadable prepaid cards can be purchased at almost any retailer. Anywhere from gas stations to supercenters; there will be a section (usually near the register) full of different reloadable prepaid cards.

Once you select your card of choice; you simply cash it out and choose how much cash to put on it. There will generally be a small purchase fee and reload fee.

How to Choose a Reloadable Prepaid Card

The most widely accepted reloadable prepaid cards are either Mastercard or Visa. American Express and Discover also offer reloadable prepaid cards but they are not accepted everywhere. However; the most flexible and accepted cards tend to be Visa reloadable prepaid cards.

Next, you will want to compare monthly service fees, reload fees and options. Most of the cards offer an online account that can be more user-friendly and convenient than a local bank. Many reloadable prepaid cards even offer a daily text option with your balance. Reloadable prepaid cards also will usually offer some sort of seperate “savings” balance in which a consumer can set aside money that will not be accessed when the card is swiped or used online unless the consumer moves the money back.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards Are Perfect For Families

Prepaid cards are great for teens and young people to begin to learn how to use money electronically without ruining their credit.

Reloadable prepaid cards are also a great way for spouses to have shared and separate money. While a joint checking account can be great for some families; it is often preferable to have an account for bills and two seperate accounts. With a reloadable prepaid card; a family can simply purchase three cards rather than opening three checking accounts.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards For Budgeting and For Businesses

For those who have already compromised their credit; reloadable prepaid cards are a great way to pay bills, budget and save until they can pay off debts and improve credit. People with collections accounts can also feel secure in the fact that the money on the reloadable prepaid card cannot be “frozen” like a bank account. In essence, the card can help a person with bad credit get a fresh start without being as handicapped.

Businesses can also enjoy the convenience of having separate accounts with flexibility and the same record of transactions that a bank would offer. The fees are far smaller and the reloadable prepaid card will not go on a credit report or have overdraft fees.

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How Apps Can Help Your Business Thrive

There are many things you can use to help your business thrive, but apps are certainly up there. They represent how powerful technology has become, and how much it matters to our businesses. So, check out how apps can help your company thrive and grow as much as possible.

Connecting with more people

As a business owner, you should always be looking for ways to connect with as many people as possible. And the way to do this is to ensure that you use apps to your advantage. For instance, you might consider creating a business app.

This will allow you to interface and connect with a whole new set of customers. You will be able to appeal to them through their smartphones wherever they may be. And this is an excellent way of raising brand awareness, and connecting with more people.

Do work on the move

When you run a modern business, you’re going to find you’re a busy person. You will be moving around a lot and traveling quite a bit. And this is where you need to make sure you have plenty of apps.

You see, there are certain apps these days that allow you to work remotely. No matter where you are, you can still be sure you’re running your business.

And this is vital for ensuring you are always connected and constantly evolving. Working on the move is a vital part of contemporary business, and you need to make sure you do it as much as possible.


One of the best things that apps can do to help your business thrive is through payment methods. The best businesses are the ones who offer the most amount of payment methods.

Customers hate having to wait around to get what they want. And the fact is that you could easily lose sales as a result. So, you need to use any sort of small business app that can help with payments.

That way you can process multiple transactions at once, and increase the sales you make. Instead of simply enjoying a lot of leads and a few sales you will be able to convert every lead into a sale on the spot.


It’s vital to look at every possible avenue you can to market your business. That means you need to think about using apps to help you promote and advertise your brand.

There are so many things you can do in this respect, and it’s really a case of deciding which to use. The best thing to do would be to get social media apps on your laptop or smartphone. Things like Twitter and Facebook are vital for marketing the brand.

And you can use the apps for instant connectivity and interaction. These allow you to update and promote your business at any time of day or night, wherever you are.

The good thing about owning and running a business these days is that there is so much out there to help you. Indeed, technology has developed to such a degree that we can use it to help our businesses so much.

If you harbour ambitions of developing a successful and thriving brand, you will need to make use of technology. And smartphone apps are one of the best formed of technology you can use these days.

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