Raise your hand if you’re a bit reluctant about working out or if you’re not the most disciplined athlete under the sun!

We all start an exercise routine with the best of intentions. Eventually, however, most people will give up or they’ll exercise less frequently than originally intended.

The problem is often the lack of meaningful motivation. For example – exercising to become stronger and more flexible is the right kind of motivation. Exercising to fit some random societal standard of beauty isn’t. When you’re not working out for a good reason, you will probably fail at sticking with the routine.

If you’re looking for the right kind of motivation, here’s some for you. Working out can significantly improve your sex life and here are the main ways this would happen.

Know the Ways that can Improve Sex Life

Better Performance in Bed

Men who work out tend to perform better in bed than the guys who are couch potatoes.

Research suggests that regular exercise reduces the risk of experiencing problems like erectile dysfunction.  Even middle-aged guys who have a sedentary lifestyle (and some sexual problems) see a significant improvement in sexual function within several months of starting a workout routine.

Exercise is also linked to higher testosterone levels and we all know how important testosterone is for good sex.

This isn’t the only crucial benefit guys will get to enjoy.

Improved fitness levels also make the sexual experience more satisfactory and pleasurable. The very same happens to be true for women who work out.

Working Out to Kill the Stress

It’s a well-known fact that stress is one of the most powerful libido killers on the planet. Finding the right stress management approaches is of paramount importance to enjoy a healthy sex drive.

Exercise ranks among the best techniques to overcome chronic stress.

When you work out, your body produces more dopamine and serotonin. These brain chemicals play an important role in mood regulation. In other words, they make you feel good and less stressed out about whatever you’re dealing with.

Exercise improves brain health, it reduces the risk of anxiety and is one of the healthiest coping mechanisms to address stress-related problems.

Better Blood Flow = Bigger O

For many people, orgasms are elusive mythical creatures.

Reaching an orgasm will involve the right mindset, the right partner, the right type of stimulation and a lot of self-knowledge.

It will also involve a fair amount of exercise.

All kinds of exercise improve circulation and the flow of blood across the body. When more blood gets to the genital region, it increases arousal and also heightens the sensations experienced during sex. As a result, people who exercise regularly could have more intense and more pleasurable experiences than everyone else.

Obviously, to make orgasms happen, you will also need to have a good idea about what you like and what you don’t in the bedroom.

Self-play will be vital to get such knowledge. Experimenting with curved dildos targeting the G-spot like the ones you can find on this site, for example, will help you know your body and also reach stronger orgasms. The same applies to different masturbation techniques and trying out various types of foreplay with your partner.

A Better Understanding of How Your Body Moves (and More Confidence)

Loving your body and knowing how it works will both play a role in keeping your sex life positively exciting.

Exercise makes you more aware about how your body works, how it moves, how flexible it is. You gain new understanding of what feels good and where your limitations are. In addition, you see your body becoming stronger and more flexible with each passing week. All of these effects translate wonderfully well in the bedroom.

Being aware of your body and loving it can make you more confident and more daring in bed. You could decide to experiment with new positions and activities you never would have considered before (or you wouldn’t have been capable of doing).

Knowing your body is essential. Loving your body is even more important to feel confident, relaxed and in control.

Hormonal Profile Balance

We’ve already touched upon the importance of the primary male hormone for better sex.

But testosterone isn’t the only hormone affected by exercise.

Both men and women who work out are more likely to enjoy a good hormonal balance. Exercise reduces body fat and builds lean muscle mass. It brings down the body mass index and most of us know how this can be connected to hormonal regulation.

Female sex hormones, the thyroid hormones and insulin are all affected by working out. These hormones can all have an impact on one’s sexuality, one’s performance and experiences during sex. If a couple is trying to get pregnant, maintaining that hormonal balance will become even more important.

A Slower Aging Process

Let’s face it – as we grow older, our sex drives will naturally slow down. People who manage to keep their bodies youthful and active, however, will make that process slower.

There’s enough evidence that regular exercise slows down aging.

According to British researchers at University of Birmingham and King’s College London, those who exercise regularly enjoy the immune response and the muscle mass of a much younger person. These people are also less likely to suffer from serious chronic medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Health is important to feel ready for some sexy time. Working out is a simple, fun and effective way to maintain bodily systems in an optimal condition for as long as possible. This means you could be having amazing sex in your 60s, 70s and even beyond.

You shouldn’t view exercise as punishment. Going to the gym isn’t the only way to keep active and strengthen your body. Running, biking, dancing and swimming are all excellent forms of exercise that can be practiced outdoors (or even at home).  All that you have to do to enjoy the benefits is find an activity that you like. When you’re having fun, you wouldn’t feel like you’re pushing yourself too hard and the workout sessions will last longer.

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