A lot of things can adversely affect your skin and cause it to age sooner than it should. There are sadly a few things that are beyond our control. However, there are still a few things that you can influence. So, one truly inevitable thing is the natural ageing process of our body. It plays a pivotal role in our lives. With time, all of us will have a certain amount of visible lines on our face. As a result of it, our face will lose its youthfulness. It would also be followed by our skin getting drier and thinner.

How fast or slow these changes happen is mostly controlled by our genes. Science labels this as intrinsic ageing. Though the natural and timely ageing is beyond our control, there’s still a lot we can do to delay the ageing that happens as a result of our lifestyle and environment. Science labels this as extrinsic aging. So, by taking a bunch of measures, we can slow down the impact of this type of ageing on our skin.

Here are the 11 most important measures that you can take to delay the premature signs of ageing

Tips to reduce premature ageing

Sun has a big-hand in the premature ageing of our skin. There are other things too that we can do to prevent our skin from ageing faster than it naturally would. So, let us take a look at a few expert tips in this regard.

Keep your skin from the sun every day

From running errands to just going out on a beach, every time you step out in the sun, it is essential to take measures for sun protection. To protect your skin from the sun, you can cover your face with a piece of cloth, seek some shade outdoors, and always wear a sunscreen that is of broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or higher. Please ensure that the sunscreen picked by you is water-resistant. Miley, who recently had to pay someone to write a paper, says that every time you step out, you should take measures to ensure that every inch of your body that isn’t covered in clothing, must be protected by a quality sunscreen.

Use a self-tanner instead of getting a tan

To tell you the truth, every time your body suffers a tan, it is directly leading to premature ageing of your skin. So, be it tanning from the sun, indoor tanning equipment, or a tanning bed, all of them release harmful UV rays. These rays can lead to premature ageing signs.

Don’t smoke

Smoking, too, speeds up the ageing process of the skin. It can lead to a sallow complexion, dull skin, and cause wrinkles on your face.

Restrict repetitive facial expressions

Rosy, who offers online assignment help, says that when you make certain facial expressions repeatedly, it leads to the contraction of the underlying muscles. So, when you contract these muscles, for several years in a row, these lines get permanent. To avoid or reduce the lines that appear as a result of squinting, you should wear sunglass.

Consume a healthy and balanced diet

When you eat a healthy and balanced diet, it will go a long way in preventing your skin from showcasing signs of ageing. So, consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep yourself protected. Further, avoid too much carb or sugar as it can accelerate the process of ageing.

Don’t drink too much alcohol

Alcohol is believed to be rough for the skin. Repetitive consumption of liquor can make you look older. It is believed that liquor dehydrates the skin. So, make sure you avoid regular consumption of it.

Exercise on all days of the week

Angie, who offers online assignment help Sydney, says that moderate exercising is known to boost the immune system of the body by improving circulation. As a result of it, your skin looks more youthful and supple.

Use a gentle cleanser

You don’t need to scrub your skin every day. It can not only irritate your skin but also loosen up the skin. To avoid ageing, you should use a gentle cleanser that can help get rid of the makeup, pollution, and the other substances stuck to your face without irritating the skin.

If you sweat, repeatedly wash your face

Sweating can irritate the skin. So, whenever you sweat, go ahead and wash your skin.

Use a moisturizer every day

Kim, who offers the best online digital marketing courses, says that using a moisturizer is important as it traps the water content in the skin. It makes the skin look more youthful and radiant.

Do not use skin products that burn or sting

Every time your skin stings or burns, it can lead to skin irritation. When you regularly irritate your skin, it looks older.

So, these are the top 11 preventive measures that you can take to prevent early signs of ageing.

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The world is changing rapidly. The way we live has already changed. The way we work keeps changing. Entire industries are crumbling. Robots are eating jobs. People are scared of losing their jobs. Nobody is safe.

But people are empowered to express themselves more than ever. The opportunities to create, to become a part of a global conversation and transformation are now more than you can ever imagine. There are now more free online resources to help you start and pursue your life’s work.

You can take your idea, business, or career, and turn it into something truly successful and amazing. It’s easier to transform your passion into your job than finding a job that matches your what you love to do.

What will you do with that?

What will your place be in this new, interesting world? Will you have a voice? Will you be a creator, or just a consumer?

You can do something.

Do something interesting, meaningful, different, amazing and truly remarkable. You have a choice. Choose to show your most amazing work to the world.

Inappropriate attention to detail is the reason why you have not launched your work. By all means, get it right but don’t aim for perfection.

Constantly push to evolve your ideas, even if you are not ready to launch your life’s work yet. Don’t get stuck!

“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”  Goethe

Be a part of the conversation, and say something remarkable. Create something unique, new, beautiful. Build upon the works of others and transform it into your own.

Don’t be subject to the tyranny of “how things have always been done”. Find your true north and push past the default.

Here is everything you can choose to do to build a life that matters to you

Start a blog, write at least a little each day. Write a book. Or an ebook. Share your tips with others online or through a free ebook. Write poetry and publish it on the web. Create interesting, lovely or funny videos, put them on You Tube.

Create an app that will solve a problem in people’s lives. Become a watchdog to replace the faltering newspapers. Explore the world, and blog about it.

Try something you’ve always been afraid to try, and put it on video. Be yourself, loudly. Start a new company, doing only one thing, but doing it very well.

Start a business that does a service you’ve always wanted, or that you are frustrated with in other companies because the service sucks. Put your heart into something.

Say something that no one else dares to say. Do something others are afraid to do. Help someone no one else cares to help. Make the lives of others better.

Make music that makes others want to weep, to laugh, to create. Inspire others by being inspiring. Teach young people to do amazing things. Write a play, get others to act in it, record it. Empower others to do things they’ve never been able to do before.

Read, and read, and then write. Love, and love, and then help others to love. Do something good and ask others to pass it on. Be profound. Find focus in a world without it.

Become minimalist in a world of dizzying complexity. Reach out to those who are frustrated, depressed, angry, confused, sad, hurt. Be the voice for those without one. Learn, do, then teach.

Meet new people, become fast friends. Dare to be wrong. Take lots and lots of pictures. Explore new cultures. Be different. Paint a huge mural. Create a web comic. Be a dork, but do it boldly.

Interview people. Observe people. Create new clothes. Take old stuff and make new stuff from it. Read weird stuff. Study the greats, and emulate them.

Be interested in others. Surprise people. Cook great food, and share it. Be open-minded. Help someone else start a small business. Focus on less but do it better.

Give people a ride in your car. Use Uber to your advantage. Start an online shop on Shopify. Create and sell stuff on Etsy.

Help others achieve their dreams. Put a smile on someone’s face, every day. Start an open-source project. Make a podcast. Start a movement. Be brave. Be honest. Be hilarious. Get really, really good at something. Practice a lot. A lot. Start now. Try.

If you’re willing to take the risk of sharing yourself and your ideas with the world, you can create value you will be proud of.

Show up everyday and work on your most important life work. Whether the outcome is magnificent or eternal, whether it changes people’s lives, changes the world, changes you or groundbreaking, it matters that you show up.

By focusing on doing the one thing that excites you, you not only give yourself a shot at putting in the effort to become amazingly great at something, but you also make it easier for potential customers or employers to see you as “the guy who’s really great at that thing.”

If you pursue your dreams long enough, compounding takes effect. Momentum will surge. Don’t give up just yet.  Action begets outcome. Outcome begets action. Rinse, lather and repeat and you have momentum. You’ll become unstoppable.

Start. Move, make, create, ship, do. Just start. That’s what entrepreneurs do. They start. They start something. Sometimes it is something big. Sometimes it is a big failure. Either way, they got stuff done.

Don’t invest in a career. Build a life. Take your dreams seriously.

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