Would you categorize your household as conservative or liberal? We’re not talking politics—this post is all about household energy consumption!

Whether you consider yourself a conservative energy consumer or you rarely give energy conservation a thought, reading the tips and tricks in today’s post may be enlightening.

Try at least one and see if you don’t save money on your energy bills. Who knows, you might even discover living in a more environmentally-friendly home isn’t as difficult as you thought!

Take Control of Your HVAC System

If you’re the one who opens the bills every month, you already know how much you spend on heating and cooling. While not a popular suggestion, last summer, the Department of Energy offered guidelines to help Americans manage the energy consumed by HVAC systems—specifically, the air conditioner.

When you’re at home (and awake), don’t set your thermostat higher than 78 degrees. If you’re not home, bump it up to 85. For sleeping, keep the thermostat at 82 degrees.

The DOE got a ton of negative feedback on their suggestions, but isn’t saving 3% on your energy bill worth a little sweat?

With winter almost here, make it your mission to turn the thermostat down to around 68 degrees.

Take a Hint from Commercial Energy Experts

If the average household overconsumes energy, can you imagine how much the average business uses? The average commercial energy bill in the U.S. runs around $647. Some areas of the country use much more than others, like the District of Columbia, with average bills sitting at $3069.

Help is available through demand/response programs like those offered by lonestardemandresponse.com. Businesses can earn money or credits by agreeing to reduce energy consumption during times of high demand.

While your household won’t qualify for commercial incentives, many utility companies offer time-based utility rate programs for residential customers. Using less energy during peak power hours could mean you’ll enjoy reduced utility rates or rebates.

Turn Off the TV

Whether you’re an official binge-watcher, or you leave the TV on 24/7 because you’re lonely, you’re consuming quite a bit of energy. Maybe you forget to shut off the tube when you leave a room. Either way, you can cut energy use and still watch your favorite reality shows.

First, only turn on one set at a time. Yes, some people keep multiple TVs on at the same time, but not you, right? Second, if you’re not watching a show, turn the TV off.

Finally, did you know your tv uses energy even when you’re not watching it? A simple solution is to plug the tv into a power switch. The red light will remind you to shut it off at the button when you finish your television marathon for the day.

Ready to Cut Your Household Energy Consumption?

We’ve offered two simple tips to help you convert your home from energy guzzlers to energy conservers. Reducing household energy consumption not only enables you to save money, but it’s also an excellent way to show your family the benefit of living in a more eco-friendly home.

For more tips on energy conservation, check out the rest of our articles. We’re on a mission, and we invite you to join us!

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