Genshin Impact is one of the most successful free-to-play videogames today, which is quite surprising considering that the game was released only 2 months ago. This shows the great work that miHoYo has done in creating an accessible, fun, and quite attractive videogame. Genshin Impact is an open-world MMOARPG that has all the elements normally offered by good videogames of this genre (a striking open world with many areas to explore, a large number of quests to make, dungeons full of treasures, among many other elements). However, the most outstanding feature of this game is definitely its character-based combat system, because unlike other MMORPG where it is only possible to fight with our avatar, Genshin Impact offers a large number of playable characters, which differ greatly by their elements, skills, and designs.

Genshin Impact has a fun and addictive gameplay designed so that any player can learn it quickly and without any problem (even those without MMORPG experience). But, surviving in the world of Genshin Impact is not so easy, especially for most novice players, and for that precise reason, below are 6 indispensable recommendations to survive and improve more quickly during the first hours of this interesting MMOARPG.

Recommendations for Genshin Impact

Try to talk to all the NPCs you meet

Try to talk to all the NPCs you meet

Like any other MMORPG videogame, Genshin Impact is full of PNCs that you can interact with. Many of these PNCs can provide all kinds of information that is quite important for the adventure, they can sell rare items and there are even some that can assign secret quests. For that reason, it is important to talk to all the NPCs we meet, because even if it is a little tedious, it can certainly be worth it.

Learn how to use weapons

Weapons play an important role in the effectiveness of the characters during combat, since like any RPG each one of them has its own stats that can affect the attack of the characters, but in Genshin Impact you must also take into account if the stats and the elements of the weapons complement each other well with any character you have, so when obtaining a weapon it is important to observe the stats and the level of the characters to determine who will get more benefits in combat when equipping it.

Weapons can also be refined through the “refine” option only if you have two weapons of the same type, which means that one will be sacrificed for the other to improve. This option can end up improving weapons of a certain level until they become as powerful as those of a higher level, especially if it is a level 3 weapon.

Use the pins to mark the map

Use the pins to mark the map

One of the most useful tools when exploring the vast world of Genshin Impact is the pins that allow you to mark the map. Many times you can present all kinds of secret items that are found in places that at first glance seem inaccessible, but actually require some basic skill, better stats, or solve a puzzle in order to get that hidden object, and it is in those moments where the pins are very necessary since they will mark the places that are inaccessible at the moment with the aim of being able to find them again in the future when the necessary requirements are met.

It is also recommended to use the pins to mark areas where expensive resources or monsters that leave good rewards may reappear. In short, the pins are an indispensable tool to explore the world of Teyvat.

Learn how the artifacts work

Another of the most important elements in this videogame are the artifacts, which are magic items that can be equipped in each of the characters so that they increase additional stats. Each artifact has a main stat and up to four secondary stats. The main status of the artifacts is determined by their type and slot, while their initial value is determined by their rarity, which as everyone knows, varies from 1 to 5 stars. This is important since the number of secondary stats and the maximum level of an artifact varies according to its rarity.

Equipping 2 or 4 different types of artifacts belonging to the same set gives a special bonus depending on the set. However, at the beginning of the game, it is recommended to only focus on the stats of the artifacts and not on the sets.

It should be clarified that to improve an artifact it is necessary to sacrifice other artifacts, so it is important to keep those that are no longer used. But unlike weapons, artifacts do have a large power difference between levels, so it is always advisable to equip and upgrade higher-level artifacts, as these provide greater benefits.

Get good characters through Gachapon

Get good characters through Gachapon

As mentioned at the beginning, one of the most attractive and characteristic elements of Genshin Impact is its characters, since each one of them has skills and stats that are extremely important for both exploration and combat, so it is necessary to have a good team and spend a lot of time in raising the level of the characters in order to survive in the most complicated quests.

In spite of that, it is necessary to clarify that advancing in the main story does not provide very good characters, so it will be necessary to spend money on the Gacha system of the game to be able to get the really outstanding characters and enjoy Genshin Impact in the best way, which is something normal considering that the videogame is free to play. Should you prefer a traditional model of paying per game and not on Gacha, you can always get cheap keys for the likes of Zelda.

The Gacha is a system of chance, so you must depend on luck to get a good character. However, there is also another method to get the best characters of the game quickly and without depending on luck, which is to get a Genshin Impact Account with specific characters for sale. That said, it is recommended to prefer for this task since this website provides total security in your transactions and offers a good variety of accounts that have very good characters along with other important advantages.

Focus on one character

In addition to the above, it is also necessary to mention that one of the most important aspects of surviving in Genshin Impact is to improve and increase the level of the characters. However, during the adventure in Teyvat you will be able to find all kinds of characters that can be a little difficult to improve at the beginning of the game and for that reason, the most recommendable thing is to avoid investing too much time in all of them, but it is better to focus on improving a single character until arriving at a previously determined point to then start improving the others, but without stopping prioritizing the main character at the moment of equipping weapons and artifacts.

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