Vue.Js, a popular JavaScript front-end framework, is getting more traction today. Experts say that it even beats Angular and React! In the modern software development world, Vue.Js has gained wide popularity. But what is it about this framework that makes it so attractive for developers? What features make this tool unique? Following this link you can learn more about the peculiarities of Vue development. But in this post, we’ll show why you have to consider Vue as the best framework for software development.

Let’s have a look at this issue in greater detail

Gentle Learning Curve

Its learning curve is the main reason why inexperienced developers and real professionals appreciate this tool. To get going, you only need to have a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, or CSS. Besides, it would be great if you have some experience with frameworks. There’s a comprehensive official guide that you can learn and go ahead! Look it through, and you can immediately start building your first applications.

High accessibility of this tool allows development teams to build powerful and creative projects without extra syntax extensions. Moreover, it is not a problem to gather a team of developers. Statistically, jQuery is the most popular web development framework. 43% of developers confessed that they are using jQuery. But 17% of developers are using Vue.js now. However, programmers experienced in jQuery, React, or Native can easily switch to Vue and start building apps within a few days.


This tool is scalable and flexible. Overall, it’s a must-have tool for creating modular single page apps. However, Vue can also be used for developing interactive parts that later can be integrated using other technology. All in all, it’s a multi-featured tool and a full-fledged framework that you can use for building a robust software product.


It goes without saying that maintenance is a compulsory component of software development. After a dev team builds and deploys the application, they also have to control the app, add new features, fix bugs, or add other improvements. With Vue.js, updating is simple. It is easy to make new releases and maintain as much backward compatibility as possible. Moreover, software products that are based on Vue don’t require a refactor.

Vue.js Is Size-Efficient

The main reason why lots of dev teams opt for Vue is that this framework allows them to build smaller in size apps. They are very quick to load and consume less bandwidth. Moreover, such software products are more powerful than similar apps developed with the help of other frameworks.

When working with Vue.js, coders shouldn’t worry about tweaking the app when it grows. They can focus on building new, essential features for it. Discussing the subject of performance, we should also add that it is very easy to extend the app from a small one-page app to a huge, advanced system.

Rich Ecosystem

With a wide array of libraries and powerful tools that facilitate software development, Vue Js has absolutely everything programmers need. Vue also has DevTools that simplify the process of debugging and checking the hierarchy of various components. These tools enable you to live-edit the application, monitor custom events, and see what changes you’ve made.

Better Performance of Built Apps

It is clear that Vue Js is not the fastest JavaScript framework. However, it has enough features to create impeccable UX and UI. Moreover, this framework can launch apps faster than Angular or React. Therefore, Vue js speed is a crucially important fact to consider when searching for the best and most effective front-end framework.

Vibrant Community

The community of developers is a crucially important factor to consider when choosing a suitable framework. The community of Vue is blooming today. A few big conferences take place every year all over the globe. Their overriding purpose is to introduce the new features, organize the work, and unite programmers. Here, coders can meet each other, discuss the main Vue features, and share their experience.

As we can see, Vue js has numerous benefits, and gradually, it becomes more and more popular. Firstly, it’s a user and developer-friendly tool with numerous features, powerful libraries, and a solid community of coders. It is very easy to learn and is flexible by nature. Yes, it is not the most widely-used JavaScript framework today, but it has the potential to achieve that goal in the next few years. Today, the framework is being embraced by such companies as Grammarly, Alibaba, Laracasts, Xiaomi, and many others. Therefore, you should surely give it a try!

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