Is your gate valve in need of maintenance? Maintenance is easier to do when it’s done proactively!

A gate valve is a major investment in a hydraulic system. According to some manufacturers, gate valves can cost up to $10,000. That’s more expensive than some industrial motors.

Valves are critical components of any operation involving a flow of liquids or gases. They provide reliable and accurate flow control, which enhances productivity and saves energy.

Here are five specific reasons for gate valve maintenance.

1. Gate Valves Are Designed to Control the Flow of Liquids

Flow control valve

Gate valves are designed to control the flow of liquids, which will eventually become clogged with dirt and debris over time. If this is not taken care of, not only can it lead to problems with water pressure or water flow, but it can also damage the pipe.

Regular maintenance ensures the valve remains free-flowing and does not lead to unfortunate scenarios.

2. Ensure Proper Operation

Without this basic upkeep, the valve’s mechanism can eventually seize up and no longer function correctly. This can lead to water not coming out of the valve or water being restricted. Gate valve maintenance can lubricate the valve and ensure optimal performance.

3. Helps Prevent Pipe Corrosion

Gate Valve Maintenance

Blockages and corrosion can cause a loss of system functioning. This can lead to costly downtime for businesses.

Gate valve preventive maintenance can help keep everything running at optimal efficiency.

4. Helps With Identifying and Replacing Older Parts

Regular maintenance can allow parts to be inspected, spot signs of failing, and replace older or worn-out parts. Doing so will ensure safe and reliable operation.

Additionally, regular maintenance can help identify issues that could impact the performance of the valve, extend its life cycle, and help prevent significant and costly repairs in the future.

Finally, regular maintenance helps understand the condition of the valves and ensures compliance with industry standards and safety requirements. Anytime maintenance and repairs are needed, proper maintenance of the gate valve is essential and can help with identifying and replacing older parts and components.

5. Can Reduce Energy Costs

Benefits of Gate Valve

Properly maintained gate valves can last longer, which translates to fewer replacement costs. This reduces the likelihood of energy bills increasing due to leaky valves.

A well-maintained valve leads to optimized flow, which can reduce energy costs. Also, maintenance of gate valves can detect any small problems before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Benefits of Gate Valve Maintenance

Regular gate valve maintenance is essential to maximize safety and lengthen the life of a valve and the system it regulates. Having the knowledge and equipment to perform maintenance is only the first step in ensuring a valve works properly.

Investing in regular service and inspection of valves can prevent major issues, saving time and money. Act now to ensure the proper maintenance and longevity of your valves.

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