The fastest way to get your construction jobs done in a timeous and professional way is to ensure that you have the right machines and attachments on hand. One of the best machines to invest in would be a compact track loader and some of the attachments that make them so versatile.

Investing in a track loader for sale can be very beneficial to easing your company’s workload. The key to selecting the right track loader is analysing the type of work you need it for and how often it’ll be used.

Track Loaders Advantages

Before you invest your hard-earned money into a whole variety of different machines, consider how much can be done with just one track loader and its attachments. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of choosing a track loader for your next construction project.

Loaders aren’t Seasonal

One of the biggest advantages of track loaders is their versatility in different seasons. Track loaders operate on a low ground pressure of 4.9 psi in minis and 4.1 psi in compacts which allows more work to be done in soft, sandy, wet, or even muddy conditions. This means work can continue when other machines can’t work in the area.

Less Damage to Job Sites

Heavy machinery has been known to damage the ground at job sites. Track loaders, however, have narrower tracks and as a result have better traction. Narrower tracks also maximise ground pressure on hard surfaces or even slippery grounds.

Tracks made of rubber reduce damage to existing surfaces. This means it won’t be necessary to spend large amounts on repairing the job site once the project is done.

Better Balance

Not only are the actual tracks better, but the overall machine balance is more stable than a lot of other machines. Trackers are dependent on the centre of gravity which directly affects the capabilities and general performance of the machine. Due to their better balance design, loaders are more effective at lifting materials.

Size Matters

When it comes to moving around, track loaders can manoeuvre around in the smallest, narrowest places. This counts a lot since the larger machines aren’t able to do this. Many construction owners and farmers prefer these track loaders to tractors because of their agility as well as their ability to turn around in their own spaces.

Attachments make All the Difference

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a track loader is the multiple, interchangeable attachments that can be used to facilitate different tasks. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of attachments that make different tasks not only possible but quick and easy as well.

By making use of the attachments, you will save money since you won’t have to rent or buy a bunch of different machines to get the project done.

Some of the attachments you can use on your track loader include the following:

  • Standard metal bucket: These buckets are the standard fittings and can be used for lifting and moving a variety of materials.
  • Auger tool: It’s often used by farmers or contractors needing to clear vegetation. It digs holes for trees or fences, making landscaping tasks much simpler.
  •  Fork tool: This tool resembles the tool commonly found on forklifts and is primarily used for moving bulky containers like pallets.
  • Backhoe tool: This tool is used for digging and moving materials to and from a job site.
  • Rock breakers: Strong, tough breaker tools break concrete, rocks, or asphalt.
  • Concrete mixers: These are new to the skid steer scene with rapidly growing popularity. An innovative mixer bucket facilitates the mixing and pouring of concrete.
  • Slasher tool: The front end rakes are used primarily to cut and clear vegetation, trees and logs.
  • Broom attachments: These are used for cleaning debris and plant material from the area. These can also be used for road maintenance.
  • Dozer blades: These giant blades are effective for bulldozing and plowing.
  • Brush chipper and mulcher: This tool will clear brush and plant growth from any job site before the project begins.
  • Saw: A saw attachment makes cutting much easier. This is particularly useful in road construction when asphalt patches need to be cut up for different projects.
  • Snow blower ad plow attachments: These types of attachments enable construction companies to take work on all year round. A track loader with this type of attachment will allow for contractors to deal with snow on the worksites.

Since the attachments can be hired separately, you can easily rent the ones you need to perform the tasks you need done.

A Final Thought about Track Loaders

Loaders with tracks can perform your dig jobs better than other machinery with wheels can. Tracks not only have more traction but can move around in the narrowest spaces. With their dexterity, and lightweight movements, your job won’t only get done in record time, there’ll also be no damage to the turf of the job site. Multiple attachments will also eliminate the need for different machines. Investing in a track loader will be a big asset to your company!

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