Rope and stanchions are becoming more and more popular for crowd control in events with a large turnout. Rope stanchion rope barriers aren’t made for one specific situation but can be used in many different situations.

If you wish to implement rope stanchions at your event, consider what you want to achieve by setting up the rope. Retractable rope barriers are easy and effective ways of directing people where not to go and separating different areas.

According to market reports, the top regions dealing in the barricade market are North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Here are the top reasons why you should be using retractable ropes for crowd control:

Reasons To Use Retractable Rope Stanchions

Separate Crowd In Large Area

Separate Crowd in Large Area

If many people are in one area, it might be challenging to move around. Separating the crowd into different lanes with rope stanchion barriers can make moving through the crowd much more efficient.

If you want only some guests to go down an aisle, consider placing shorter ropes to block off other aisles at waist height.

Separate Different Areas Of Your Event

Having different areas cordoned off with ropes can create a more organized event for guests and exhibitors. When visitors move around the area, it is easier for them to go where they want without bumping into others using rope stanchion barriers.

It also makes the event space more organized and more explicit for exhibitors.

Tame Clusters Of People

If you want to prevent people from forming clusters and crowds, place rope stanchion barriers in the area where you would like to limit the crowds.

For example, if there is a way for many people to enter a middle section at once, rope stanchions can be placed to keep the crowds from forming one big group.

Create Aisles For Exhibitors Or Sponsors

You may want to organize an area at your event for the sponsors but not want a large crowd to go there. In this case, if you place rope stanchions in front of the area where the exhibitor or sponsor is located. This way, you can let fewer people in and still promote the product.

Keep Traffic Flowing At An Event

If there are many crowded areas at your event, create aisles for guests to walk through using rope stanchion barriers.

It will help prevent bottlenecks by keeping a steady flow of people in the aisles. The people going through the crowded area will also have a clear direction with rope stanchions, making it easier to find their way through an event.

Separate Areas Or Guests

If you wish to separate guests from each other, such as separating VIPs from regular guests, using rope stanchions can create a sense of difference. Place the ropes at chest height to maintain the diversion.

Create A Fence Around An Area

Create a Fence Around an Area

If you wish to keep people from going into certain areas or splitting up groups, creating a fence around the area with rope stanchions can keep people from going into a restricted area. Create a fence using shorter ropes at waist height if you want to split up people.

Control Direction Of Travel

In some cases, you may not want guests to go in a specific direction. In this case, place rope stanchions in the area where they should not go. It creates an invisible fence to let people know they shouldn’t go in a specific direction and turn them around.

Guide Traffic Flow

Suppose you want to move around a large group of people, place rope stanchions in certain areas. It will give them an aisle to travel due to the direction of the rope and keep them from coming into contact with other groups of people.

Keep Pets Out Of Areas

Typical barriers such as a railing or potted plants do not always keep pets out of areas. If you want to prevent pets in certain areas, place a shorter retractable rope across the entrance and put a sign up that says “Pet Area” so pet owners know to take their dogs with them when they go in the area with the short ropes.


For exhibits that will only be attended by certain people or are only open during certain times, using ropes stanchions will give the exhibitors a sense of privacy and make it easier to attend without being disturbed.

Designated Meeting Areas

Designated Meeting Areas

If you wish to set designated meeting spots in your event, place rope stanchions with signs saying “Meeting Area” so guests can easily find the area they are to meet at. Place these areas away from big crowds or crowded areas with enough room for people to stand and talk.

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