There aren’t a lot of water activities that are as easy to get started with as magnet fishing is. You don’t need a boat, nor do you need any specific equipment to get started.

There are a lot more benefits too, though, and we’re here to guide you through a few of them. Read to learn five of the biggest reasons you should try magnet fishing.

1. Easy to Do

Easy to Do

Since this method doesn’t require you to get in the water, it’s easy to do. You can opt for expensive equipment like remote-controlled drones or submarine vehicles, but not everyone has access to those, making it hard to get started with.

2. Safer Than Other Methods

Other metal removal methods can involve heavy machinery and diving into the water. With magnet fishing, all you have to do is lower a magnet into the water.

You don’t have to get in the water, and you don’t necessarily have to have heavy machinery and equipment to find things.

3. Lots to Find

Lots to Find

Speaking of finding things, magnet fishing makes it easier to find items at the bottom of the water.

Whether it’s coins, bottle caps, old fishing hooks, safes, or even things like bike parts and furniture. If you’re visiting a space where war or battle has taken place, it’s even possible to find old guns or grenades.

If you find these items, it’s important to be careful with them. Also, check with local authorities to make sure it’s OK for you to keep in the first place.

4. Minimal Equipment

Minimal Equipment

Besides something to get out on the water with, all you really need to start magnet fishing are magnets. Besides magnets, you’ll also need something to lower them down into the water with, like ropes or string.

5. Keep Your Finds

Lastly, the coolest thing about magnet fishing is that you never truly know what you’ll find β€” especially if you’re fishing in a particularly cloudy body of water.

On top of that, you get to keep whatever it is you find. While you’re likely to find old fishing lures or hooks and pieces of small metal that do nothing but pollute the water, some of the things are likely to be worth money.

Magnet fishing is a double whammy in this sense because you’re cleaning up the environment while potentially making some money with any of the things you sell from your magnet fishing adventure on the water.

Ready to Go Magnet Fishing?

Now that you’ve learned all about a few of the benefits that come with magnet fishing, it’s time to try it out for yourself. Whether you’re trying for the first time with a few friends or you’re booking fishing trips, getting started is easy to accomplish and you’re almost guaranteed to leave with a few cool finds.

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