Would you like a vacation that gets you up close with nature but is not too far from a city? Are you considering an epic getaway to somewhere in the United Kingdom but do not know where to go?

Every year more than one billion people enjoy taking a vacation. This break from work and school can help reduce stress, improve mental health, and decrease burnout.

If you are ready to travel to a country rich in history and unique wildlife, then you are in the right place! Read below to learn three reasons why a trip to Scotland should be on the top of your bucket list.

1. Beautiful Lochs

Beautiful Lochs

One thing that makes Scotland unique from all other countries is its lochs or lakes. Of course, many people are familiar with the famous Loch Ness, but other lochs have just as much jaw-dropping scenery.

If you love water, you will enjoy checking out the different lochs in Scotland. Each loch can be explored by car, train, water bus, or boat. And you never know, during your visit, you might spot the Loch Ness Monster!

2. Scenic Road Trips

best road trip destinations

The United States has Route 66, Australia has the Great Ocean Road, and Scotland has the North Coast 500. These famous routes have put these places on the map, so if you are a fan of road trips, you have to visit Scotland.

Take your time driving through beautiful mountains and exploring scenic lochs, waterfalls, beaches, and fishing villages. Also, take the opportunity to stretch your legs with a quick hike around each area. You will experience peace and tranquility on these wide, open roads, and the only traffic jam you will encounter is roaming cows!

3. Islands, Islands, Islands

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Did you know that Scotland has hundreds of islands? This makes it the ideal spot if you enjoy island hopping. And the beauty of Scotland is that each island offers something unique and different from the other.

You can have remote experiences such as kayaking secluded coves, or you can visit other islands for uninterrupted beach time. Still, some islands offer you the chance to spot orcas, sharks, puffins, otters, and eagles. The sky is the limit when it comes to exploring Scotland’s islands.

Vacation Planning Made Simple

If the idea of traveling to a place with lochs, islands, and scenic road trips makes you want to book your vacation right now, then visiting Scotland has never been easier. However, it is important to prepare in advance and do your research beforehand.

A handful of trustworthy websites offer traveling tips to make your trip planning for Scotland easier. Lean on their expertise and advice, and you will have a customized itinerary that will guarantee you a perfect experience in this jewel of the North.

Put a Trip to Scotland on Your Bucket List Today!

There has never been a better time to take a Scotland vacation! Our guide has shown you five reasons why a trip to Scotland should be high on your bucket list. Explore this country’s magnificent lochs, islands, and wildlife, and you will have travel memories that will last a lifetime!

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