Did you know that Vail’s namesake is a state highway engineer called Charlie Vail? And that it was a popular gold and silver mining town before it became a resort town in 1962?

Yes, Vail, Colorado, has a long and diverse history. Today, it has the reputation for being one of the best places in the world to take a ski trip. You would struggle to find anywhere else in the US that compares.

But why? What’s so special about taking a ski trip to Vail? Here are some compelling reasons that will reveal all!

1. Vail Is Epic in Size

Vail Is Epic in Size

Only when you visit Vail do you realize exactly how gigantic this place is. It covers around 5,200 acres of land, which makes it the third-largest ski mountain in North America. No wonder there are 31 ski lifts to transport you to all the different areas of this resort!

It’s also surrounded by all 350,000 acres of the White River National Forest. If size matters in a ski trip, then Vail has the competition beat.

2. Slopes for Skiers of All Levels

When you venture on a ski trip, it’s unlikely that everyone in your group is on the same level. This is true whether you are traveling with friends or as a family.

Lucky for you, Vail has almost 200 trails for beginner and intermediate skiers. There are also ski rental places like VistaBahnSkiRentals.com where you can rent your very first pair of skis.

And there’s plenty for advanced skiers too. Around half of all slopes in Vail are for experienced people, including the famous Blue Sky Basin.

3. Vail Village Is Beautiful

The designers of Vail Village modeled it after quaint Bavarian towns in Germany. No wonder it looks straight out of a fairytale book! You’ll be able to stay in one of the 33 hotels in town and sip on your morning coffee while looking out at Gore River or the snow-capped mountains.

Vail Weather

4. Vail Weather Will Surprise You

On any trip to Colorado, you can expect low temperatures and a lot of snow. This is, of course, exactly what you want when venturing on a ski trip!

But Vail also receives around 300 days of sunshine. This makes it a pleasant place to relax with a drink in the evenings after a long day skiing. Or “aprΓ¨s ski” as the French call it.

5. Tons of Other Snowy Activities

Skiing is so fun, you’ll be able to do it all week without getting bored. But if you don’t get a chance to experience snowy climates often, then it’s nice to mix it up.

In Vail, you can also go snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating, sleigh riding, and so much more. It’s perfect if you have little ones that are too young to ski yet.

6. It’s in the Rocky Mountains

Visiting the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park has got to be on everyone’s bucket list, right? Skiing in Vail means not only are you having an adventurous vacation but you’re also in one of the most beautiful, revered parts of the country.

Rocky Mountains

Epic Vail: Ready to Shred Some Powder on Your Ski Trip?

This list has no doubt sold you on why your next ski trip should be to Vail. It’s beautiful, historic, and offers all the slopes and amenities you could need.

Now you know where you are going on your ski vacation, you need to plan it! Check out our travel articles for tons of helpful planning tips and tricks.

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