Water is a natural part of life that we need to live. You need safe clean drinking water along with water to wash your body, dishes, and more. Regular tap water isn’t always the best water option.

Depending on the type of tap water you have, your home may not have the healthiest water. After the Flint water crisis, it’s important to make sure your water is safe.

Why should you use a water filter? Along with making your water safer, there are several water filter benefits for you to check out. Keep reading to learn more about how filtered water can make your life better and easier.

1. Get Healthier Hair and Skin

Promote Hair Growth

Clean drinking water may be a high priority when you think about water filters, but there are also other water sources in your home. You may drink water from your tap, but you also use the same water to wash your hair and skin.

Contaminants and chemicals in your water can affect not only the inside of your body but also your skin and hair. It can affect the way it feels and also the way it looks. If you have dry skin, it may be because of chemicals in your water.

You can simply add filters to your faucet, refrigerator, and your showerhead. This system can remove particles, sediments, and chemicals to make your body feel healthier on the inside and outside.

Your body is always detoxing, and the liver and kidneys are vital because they flush out all of the bad chemicals we take in. The best thing we can do for our body is to take in fewer toxins. By using a water filter, you can reduce these toxins and make the water safer to drink.

2. Stop Buying Bottled Water

You should drink at least eight glasses of water a day to stay adequately hydrated. However, if your tap water doesn’t taste good or has a funny smell, it may make it harder to drink enough water.

You may also start buying bottled water to get enough water. Plastic bottles are horrible for the environment, especially if you do not recycle them. You increase your carbon footprint by throwing the plastic away and also the production and energy costs for bottled water.

Sure, bottled water can be convenient, but there is a lot of waste from these plastic bottles. Two-thirds of water bottles end up in the landfill or ocean, so it’s time to get a water filter, whether it’s for your Frigidaire refrigerator or a whole-home system.

Bottled water is no cleaner or safer than most tap water. The federal government has more rules for testing and monitoring municipal drinking water. Plastic bottles also have several chemicals that can get in the water.

The cost of bottled water is also 3,000 percent more expensive per gallon than tap water.

3. Removes Chlorine

One of the most common chemicals in unfiltered tap water is chlorine. Sure, you may think of chlorine as the chemical you find in swimming pools. But, it may also be in your water. Chlorine is used to disinfect the water and is not meant to be consumed.

When humans consume chlorine, it reacts with the water and forms an acid. These acids are corrosive and can eventually damage the cells in your body.

By filtering your water, you can eliminate chlorine along with other harmful chemicals in your water. Don’t forget that your skin can also absorb chlorine, so you may want to filter your shower water as well.

4. Increase Longevity on Appliances

The water coming out of your faucets go through all your appliances including your washing machine, sink, and showers. Unfiltered water is filled with contaminants that can wear out your larger appliances quicker.

These harmful chemicals can start to cause buildup around the appliance connections and also erode your home’s pipes. You may even notice spots on some of your things that are hard to clean like on your clothes and in your tub. These are deposits that can be filtered out.

5. Improve Taste

Drink More Water

Even if your unfiltered water doesn’t have contaminants or fluoride, it can taste bad. It may be hard to drink those eight glasses of water if your water doesn’t taste good. This bad-tasting water also makes bad-tasting tea, coffee, or any other drink you make with water.

Have the convenience of bottled water by using a filter. You won’t have to run out and get more bottled water if you run out. Your water will taste and smell better if you use a filter.

6. Eliminate Other Contaminants

Sure, the water looks clear and clean, but is it really? If your water comes from the city, it is disinfected with chlorine, which we talked about above. It also flows through miles of pipelines before getting to your home.

As it makes its way to your home, it can pick up other contaminants like industrial run-off and pesticides. Also, do you have lead pipes in your home that can get into your water? Having a water filter can help take care of these harmful pollutants.

Invest in a Water Filter Today

Invest in a Water Filter Today

Using a water filter can help you get healthier skin and hair along with saving money and removing other harmful chemicals from your water. You can reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of bottled water you buy; plus, you have the benefit of filtering your own water at home, so no need to run to the store.

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