Did you know that there are more than 3.6 million portable bathrooms in the world? A restroom trailer is a great idea for any event planner that is planning an outdoor event. Your restroom trailer options will allow all of your guests to have a private and sanitary place to answer all of nature’s calls over the course of the big event.

It might sound like extra work, but exploring your restroom options and renting a restroom trailer is a great idea to allow your visitors a place to relieve themselves. The good news is that you’ve found the right article to learn all about the five big benefits that come with renting restroom trailers.

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1. More Space

Rent a Restroom

A big benefit that comes with renting restroom trailers is the amount of room that your guests have to do what they need to do compared to a porta-potty. Using a porta-potty is quite an experience, especially if you’re claustrophobic.

Going with a restroom trailer is the next closest thing to an actual indoor bathroom. Your guests will get to enjoy the lavish life of luxury that you’re providing them when you rent a portable restroom for your big event.

2. More Stalls

Your guests will also have more stalls, which is great if you want to eliminate long lines and wait times for all of your guests. Having multiple stalls in your portable restroom means that multiple people can use the restroom at the same time. You’ll be amazed by the convenience that your guests will get when youΒ view these luxury restroom trailers.

3. Bathroom Mirrors

Rent a Restroom Trailer

Another big benefit of going with restroom trailers is the access that your guests will have to bathroom mirrors. Many people enjoy checking themselves in the mirror after they use the restroom. They’ll love this aspect of portable bathrooms, especially at big events like weddings.

4. Upscale Appearance

It’s no secret that porta-potties don’t scream lavish luxury. If you’re running an upscale event then you need to make sure that you have upscale restroom trailer options. Nothing takes away from a picturesque outdoor wedding quite like a somewhat dirty porta-potty, but you can add many luxurious touches to your restroom trailer.

5. Added Convenience


Restroom trailers also add some features that bring more convenience to your guests. The best portable bathrooms provide heat during the colder months and air conditioning during the sweltering summer. Add in ventilation and good lighting and it’s easy to see why you need to look into your restroom trailer options before your big event.

Find the Perfect Restroom Trailer for Your Big Event

Finding the perfect restroom trailer is a subtle thing that will make a massive difference at your exciting outdoor event. These restroom options provide a splash of luxury at your outdoor event while making the experience convenient for your guests. Little things like mirrors and multiple stalls make these portable bathrooms a must-have at any outdoor event.

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