Are you a man considering your birth control options? Are you in a long-term relationship or ready to stop having children?

A vasectomy procedure might be the perfect choice for you. This easy procedure can keep you from having children without compromising your ability to perform sexually.

Of course, any medical procedure requires careful consideration. That’s why we’ve assembled this quick and easy guide.

Keep reading, and we’ll tell you five reasons why you should consider getting a vasectomy procedure.

1. You Can Enjoy Safe Sex

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Many men choose to get a vasectomy so that they can have safe sex without using other methods of contraception, such as condoms. This is an especially good choice for men who are married and do not want any more children.

Keep in mind that a vasectomy procedure will not protect you from sexually transmitted infections.

However, this may not be a concern if you are in a long-term, monogamous relationship or marriage. If your main priority is contraception, a vasectomy procedure is the most sustainable solution for you.

2. It’s Reversible

Getting a surgical procedure might seem scary. After all, what happens if you re-marry or change your mind about kids?

Luckily, vasectomies are almost always reversible. You don’t need to worry about permanently giving up your ability to have children.

Even non-traditional vasectomies, such as no scalpel vasectomies, are reversible in most cases.

3. It’s Non-Invasive

It's Non-Invasive

Any type of vasectomy is a quick procedure. The no scalpel variety is even less invasive than a regular vasectomy, of course.

Both traditional vasectomies and no scalpel vasectomies have very short recovery times. Most men are fully recovered in one week or less.

Regardless of what kind of procedure you get, you will have very little recovery time after your vasectomy. You may not even have to go under general anesthesia, which means you’ll be feeling like your old self soon after the procedure is done.

4. It’s Low-Risk

Many surgical procedures carry more risk from anesthesia than from the surgery itself. When you can avoid going under general anesthesia, you considerably lower your risk of dangerous complications.

Plus, a vasectomy procedure itself is very low-risk because it is relatively non-invasive.

None of your vital organs are likely to be impacted by your vasectomy procedure, and the rate of complications in these procedures is very low.

5. It Takes Pressure Off of Your Partner

It Takes Pressure Off of Your Partner

Men can take a lot of pressure off of their female partners by getting vasectomies. Female birth control can come with a host of unpleasant side effects, while vasectomies do not.

When you get a vasectomy, you give your female partner the ability to stop taking birth control medication if she wants to.

Women have traditionally carried most of the burden when it comes to birth control, but that no longer has to be the case.

Ask Your Doctor About a Vasectomy Procedure

If you’re ready to take control of your family planning, ask your doctor about a vasectomy procedure today. No other form of male birth control is quick, easy, and reversible.

Of course, you should also discuss your decision to get a vasectomy with your current partner or spouse.

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